Thursday, September 17, 2009

Long Time, No Update

Wow. It's been awhile. You'd think I would have plenty of time to update this thing, but I end up spending all my extra time in WoW or doing chores... imagine that. In any case, I've been playing. Seona is in her low 70s and I've been messing around with a couple of my alts for fun, namely Leodry of Lordaeron and Brother Fandren.

Leodry of Lordaeron (Human Warrior - Emerald Dream RP-PvP) is at level 21 and is currently hanging out in the Wetlands, happy to be of some service to the dwarves of Ironforge. Eventually his (and his brother's) story will be up on my other blog, Ink & Blood. Still, I'm hoping to get him to level 80 before Cataclysm hits store shelves next year. It should be doable, provided I get Seona to 80 and running heroics/earning champion's badges/tokens/etc. for that lovely heirloom gear. With 20% extra experience, it should be cake.

Brother Fandren is, you guessed it a priest (Human - also Emerald Dream). He's slowly leveling himself up, currently at level 16, and is the second time I've considered leveling a priest (the first was the lovely Eruza, a troll on Gul'dan that, while still in existence, definitely doesn't hold my interest). I'm leveling him as shadow, naturally, as any other way borders on severe masochism. So far, so good, but it's slow going. I'm so used to plate-wearers that leveling a squishy clothie is more than different... it's actually quite difficult.

Seriously. The highest-leveled characters I have are a Warrior and a Paladin (not to mention a couple Death Knights). Notice that they all wear the heaviest armor class in the game and my warrior was even a tank, complete with 540+ defense. Being able to take a few hits before worrying about my hit points has been a typical aspect of my playstyle for a long, long time. Every time I try to level up a class that wears cloth, I get terribly frustrated due to the flimsy nature of the toon. I've had a Mage - got bored by the time she hit level 15. I've had a Warlock - never managed to break level 20. I'm finally retrying a Priest, but he's definitely more of a "hey, I have free time and don't feel like smashing faces in with Seona so let's go do some leveling in Westfall" kind of character.

Still, now that I've figured out some tactics and have a decent wand from enchanting, I think I might be able to stick with this guy. At least till level 20. ;)

P.S. I also finally managed to Recruit-a-Friend with an actual friend of mine who lives far away. It's both a great way to spend some time together (talking over Skype) and getting her addicted to this wonderful game we all love. She's running a Shaman and I've rolled a Druid for the flexibility (hooray healing/tanking/dps'ing!). She's only got the trial and we've already managed to get to level 16 with just a few hours of messing around. That 3x experience is crazy-insane good. I couldn't have imagined just how fast you eat through the levels this way, and while she isn't sure she'll be buying the game, I'm temped to get at least vanilla for her to expand our playing for a month. $20 for a great way to spend time with her doing something I really love? Yes, please.

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