Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Long Time, No See 2

The new year has started fairly well, as I'm finally re-employed and enjoying my new job. Unfortunately, I have far less time to play WoW (not that less time stops me from playing anyway, I just get a bit less accomplished...). As it is, my alt-oholism is still going strong, and I've even created new characters that I actually play on a regular basis.

Kiaandra is a female, Draenei mage on my main server, Emerald Dream. I decided to level as a fire mage, and it's been a blast (LOL Seewhatididthere?). Unfortunately, she's had trouble in the guild she initially joined/bad RP experience and I lost a bit of interest in her. The cloth heirloom shoulders I bought for her, got sent to a Horde character I made on the server instead, and she's officially gone on hold, for now.

Eivor is a female, Orc shaman on my main server, and is the second recipient of the leveling shoulders, once I realized Blizz had finally fixed one mistake to their heirloom gear and allowed you to at least mail them to opposite faction characters on the same server. Unfortunately, I'm quickly discovering that the Shaman class just isn't really for me, I think. I've tried before with shamans and never stick to them much past level 20 or so... I might try again after Cataclysm, when other races can become shaman. Luckily those shoulders won't go to waste, as any character can use them (In fact, they've been handed off again, though I'll say to whom later...).

Bracc is a male, Blood Elf rogue on a normal RP server (wanted to get away from PvP for awhile, though it's weird to not have to worry about being ganked all the time), as I wanted to experience Horde-side roleplay. He's in a guild there which seems to be pretty decent (though no in-guild RP to speak of, yet), and I'm still feeling out whether or not he'll ever be successful in RP, although I should think events happen on the server all the time... I just have to find them. He's nearly level 30, and I'm loving him, as I went Subtlety, rather than Combat as I've done with every other rogue I've made. Honestly, I think that is the main reason I lost interest with other rogues... I followed the cookie-cutter spec and leveling guide rather than just doing what I wanted.

My RL friend and I have continued leveling characters together, and I think she's even figuring out just what character she wants to have as her main to somewhat focus on (she's as bad of an alt-oholic as I am), though it seems to currently be a toss up between her priest and her warrior. I'm leaning towards my hunter (Auryonn) and my death knight (Saronite) on our server, but that can always change. Her favorite part of the game is leveling her professions, and she's a bit frustrated that Blizzard has put in level restrictions on learning the higher ranks.

Her Nelf priest is a Tailor/Enchanter and her Human warrior is a Miner/Blacksmith. She loves tailoring (and the fact that she can make bags is a huge plus) but she has to be level 50 to continue her professions and she's currently only at level 43. Those seven levels are going to come far too slow for her taste, I think. I'll use my DK to run her through some dungeons, like Maraudon, maybe, to speed up the process. Bet she's wishing we had focused more on these characters back when we still had the 3x XP buff from Recruit-a-Friend...

Oh, and, now that I'm employed again and getting paid money on a regular basis (or will be, once I get my first paycheck), I decided to celebrate by paying for a character transfer. My very first main, my beloved hunter, who has gone through so much, has been moved over to my main server. Polomah, as she's now known (formerly Baress, then Poloma) is making her permanent home on Emerald Dream. My plans with her are fairly simple: get her to 80 and figure out some kind of professions for her, as right now she only has skinning.

She's currently hanging out in the Outlands, in Hellfire Peninsula, at level 60. Her gear is more or less fixed, thanks to all the quest drops there, and her pets are being leveled up as she goes about her business (she has a bear, a raptor, and a wolf). I really need to get her into some dungeons, but not until I get used to being a hunter again... man, Blizzard, please condense hunter abilities! This is overwhelming, seriously! The biggest problem I have with her is the fact that she has practically NO gold to speak of. I think she has around 35 gold total, which just isn't enough to get anything done. I think I'll go on a skinning spree one day and just farm like crazy, but now you can see why she needs the professions.

Skinning is great, but there is really only one profession it is paired with, and that's leatherworking. I don't want her to be a leatherworker. My eventual worgen rogue, Loem, is going skinning/LW, so I don't want a second (Oh, yeah, did I mention that I'd love to change Polomah's faction when Cataclysm hits? I'd really like her to go human, I think. If I don't faction change her, then it's a different story...). I could just do some gathering professions for quick gold. Tauren have an herbalism racial and those 10 points at least get her to earthroot almost immediately. If Seona weren't an engineer, I'd do that, but I'm not power-leveling that again.

Regardless, I've been busy, even if I haven't posted here. Hopefully I'll find more time to do this more often. :)

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