Thursday, September 24, 2015

ACHIEVEMENTS: Draenor Gold, Rare Missions, and Two Steps Closer to Flying

Perah is two steps closer to unlocking the ability to fly in Draenor.

Over the last couple of days, I've focused on really trying to get those achievements finished in order to get the final meta achievement: Draenor Pathfinder. Yesterday and today saw the completion of two of the sub-achievements, which leaves only one left.

Yesterday, I completed the final Bonus Event that finalized Securing Draenor. It was Assault on Skettis, and I have to be honest, of all the Bonus Events available to do, this one is by far my favorite, and naturally it would bet the last one I chose to do. I had never gotten it as a quest from the table, as far as I'm aware (I often take those quests, and then abandon them, so who knows). Bottom line, freeing slaves and fighting back was fun, and I could complete it really, really fast. I wish all of the bonus events were completed that quickly. I was also working on the treasure-finding one, and happened to get "Got My Mind On My Draenor Money" while diving for a treasure off the coast of Pinchwhistle Point in Spires of Arak.

Tonight, I got my 100th treasure. I had bought all of the treasure maps to make life easier, and had been periodically going on treasure-hunting outings to get this one done as quickly as possible. I got my 100th treasure in Gorgrond. I also fell to my death once, since those holes in Gorgrond sometimes go pretty deep... Ah, well. It's okay. This is done, and now I can focus on the last achievement left.

Naturally, it's the most time-consuming one: Tanaan Diplomat. I'm not revered with ANY of the three groups that are required. I'm closest with Vol'jin's Headhunters, where I'm most of the way through Honored. I'm only on Friendly terms with Saberstalkers and the Order of the Awakened. Grinding dailies is the least fun sounding thing ever, and I don't particularly love Tanaan Jungle, if I'm being honest.

Still, seems a small price to pay to fly again. While I wasn't up in arms about no flying in WoW, when they toyed with that idea, I also wasn't playing at the time, and so didn't think it really effected me. Taking flying out altogether, like Blizzard thought about for a short time, was never going to work. Once you put it in, you cannot remove it, or you'll lose your playerbase. The grind to unlock flying is a decent compromise.

And I'm nearly there.

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