Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hooray 80!

Seona just dinged 80!

It's exciting. I have a screenshot for momento, kept Ronin's letter in Gryphonheart Items, and am totally ready to become a true retribution paladin. That means gear.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a gear guide for fresh level 80 retribution paladins. When Yrovi dinged 80, there were tons of places I could go to see a list of crafted/easy to get gear to get to the defense minimum. For dps, though, it appears the only criteria is get hit capped. :/

So, I guess I'll be doing some research and figuring out just what kind of gear I need and can get easily for a Retribution paladin with a focus on PvE.


Okay, info goes here:
According to this post by Svirve on the Wowhead forums...
Retribution specific "caps"
Hit: 8% or 263 hit rating
Hit(PVP): 5% or 164 hit rating
32.79 hit rating per 1%

Spell hit: 17% or 446 hit rating
Spell hit (PVP): 4% or 105 hit rating
26.23 hit rating per 1%

Spell Penetration: 0%

Armor Penetration: 100% or 1340 armor penetration rating
13.99 armor penetration rating per 1%

Expertise(PARRY): 60 expertise skill or 492 expertise rating
Expertise(DODGE): 26 expertise skill or 214 expertise rating
32.79 expertise rating per 1% | 8.2 expertise rating per expertise skill | 1 expertise skill per 0.25%

That's a decent start. I absolutely must have my hit at 8% so I can perhaps find some gear that has sockets and gem for it.

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