Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PTR: Interesting Patch for Newbies

I was reading the patch notes for the current PTR build (thanks to wow.com) and have to totally agree that new characters are getting it easy. Not that I mind, of course, as a dedicated altoholic, these changes make me very happy. What really caught my eye, though, was the change to new rogues, as I'm definitely planning on rolling a Worgen rogue when the option finally comes around.

While Blizzard is definitely making it easier in general for new toons, like standardizing stats, handing out basic weaponry (in this case mostly 2-handers, aside from shamans, who get a 1-hander and a shield), and reducing the chance for a newbie to get dazed (From level 1-5, you'll never get dazed; levels 6-10 it's a greatly reduced chance.), there was a change specific to rogues that I totally agree with and love: twin daggers.

New rogues, once this patch goes live, will log in, at level 1, already knowing how to dual wield and will have two daggers equipped. All I can say is: "It's about freaking time, Blizz." The whole point of a rogue, in my opinion, is dual wielding daggers. I mean, it's the class's signature! Yet every rogue I see is dual wielding swords for the most part, until much higher levels. I hope that they also do more to make leveling with daggers more interesting/possible. Early quests nearly never have good daggers as rewards, and most of the early dungeons don't drop them readily. There is the one from the rogue quest, but it's unique eqipped so you can't have two.

If Blizzard developers can make those improvements with Cataclysm/the next patch then I'll be a very happy camper. It might even make me take another look at one of my rogues, like Untainted, while I wait for the next expansion.

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