Thursday, December 10, 2009

Long Time, No See

I haven't posted in ages... mostly because I'm unemployed.

Being unemployed sucks. Seriously.

That said, I'm still playing WoW, just not like I used to. Eventually money will get too tight to play, but right now I still feel that $15 a month is totally worth it. Unlimited entertainment for that price is hard to come by anywhere else.

My main has been on a short hiatus, though, as I've been playing with a RL friend of mine through the recruit-a-friend program (hooray for a free month AND a sweet zhevra mount). We didn't get any of our characters to level 60, but we got two pairs to level 40 and another pair to level 20. She's also sufficiently addicted to the game, so we'll play together even after the RaF super experience is done. Hopefully she still enjoys the game, even without leveling every couple of hours. ;)

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