Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Change Has Come... and It Hurts


Patch 4.0.1 destroyed my WoW. I was very excited (like the rest of the world) and was prepared to begin the patching process on Tuesday (like the rest of the world) and started up my launcher and watched the downloader check my patch part 1-3 and download the last bit, and the updater launched and all was good and right with the world... of warcraft.

Well, only 16% was good and right with the world. At 16% of the update for the patch, the updater stopped and asked me for the Cataclysm disc. As much as I wish I have the disc to give you, Mr. Updater, sir, we're SOL on that. So, Cancel that order, please. That conversation ended with Mr. Updater crashing and telling me that it couldn't read some Northrend something-or-other.

Long story short, after trial and error, and redownloading the patch (yes, all 5 GB of it), and still no luck, I gave up, deleted WoW and started fresh. Yes. As I'm writing this, Mr. Updater is going happy at 84%, and I imagine I'll finally get to log in to WoW in another half-hour or so.

That said, I have heard many rumors on the Mac Technical Help forums that the new version of the game does not play nice in terms of graphics, and I may have to turn a whole bunch of settings low in order to play, as well as turning the new water and sunlight graphics off. That's a bit of a shame, but at this point, I'll be glad to just have a working WoW client again.

So, with fingers crossed, I will hope and pray that the Updater continues as normal and finally gives me the deliciousness that is World of Warcraft 4.0.

See you in the World... of Warcraft.


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