Friday, January 30, 2009

Were-bear-coons... srsly?

So... I guess the little guys grew on me as I did the opening quests, as I’m now a proud member of the Frenzyheart faction in Sholozar Basin (big, big thanks to Tyra!). I still think they look pretty dumb, but I came to the inevitable realization that it would be in my best interest to start with the little puppy-men and then change over to the Oracles later on. On the bright side, there are far fewer people on the side of the furballs, so the village is not very crowded.

You see, I still don’t have my epic flying skill yet. I’m saving like crazy, using an outdated-but-still-working add on called NazScrooge to keep myself from spending too much gold on useless/fun things. It’s helped me get my cold-weather flying and now I hope it can start helping me get together the 5000 Gold I’m going to need. I’m not even worried about buying an epic flying mount, yet, just the training. 5000 Gold seems impossible to reach, although not using any of the ore I pick up (my poor engineering skills are being unused!) and just selling it helps heaps. We’ll see where the Saronite market goes, as it’s dropped in price since the beginning of Lich King (which makes sense, even if it means I have to work that much harder… dumb economy).

Because I don’t have my epic flying skill, I realized that the super-awesome, totally-cool green proto-drake that you can get from the Oracles probably wouldn’t even drop for me. And while vanity pets are cute and fun, I decided rather quickly that going Frenzyhearts first made more sense. I could work with them to get my reputation to exalted, make some easy gold from their dailies, and get the achievement. Then, only after I had finally saved up enough gold and gotten my fast flying, I will switch to the (rather creepy, now that I’ve seen them up close… though their idle animation is kinda cute) Oracles to hope that my egg contains the flying mount I’ve always wished for. Ha. We’ll see how that goes. I think I’m only lucky in this game when it comes to rolling for loot. Random drops? Heck no. L

Of course, if I ever get around to going back to Outland with extra time on my hands, I’ll gather up all the materials needed to create the engineering mounts which might save me a bit of gold (even if it means farming Consortium rep for the damn seaforium recipe). Maybe not. I don’t know anymore to be honest. As much as I love my blue windrider, the more I look at the model, the less attractive I find it. The neck and head look… strange. Also, I’m getting jealous of the other engineers I see in Northrend with their clanky, noisy roflcopters. Regardless, if I’m lucky, I’ll get a super-sweet looking proto-drake from my egg after I switch over to the Big-tongues. Cross your fingers for me.

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