Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Argent Tournament!

So the PTR has a new event called the Argent Tournament that I think I'm going to become obsessed with. I've downloaded the client and updated it and all, as well as copied Yrovi (although that is still taking around 4 days to do right now), so I want to check this out. Mostly for the new mounts, like the one to the left (thanks to MMO-Champion). DO WANT. I never thought they would think of making a white skeletal warhorse, but that thing is just sexy.

Also, the other amazing gear/goodies you can get from the tournament make me giggle with glee, especially the tabards. I'm already exalted with all the horde factions, so the reputation gains you'll get don't matter to me as much, but the Undercity tabard and banner are just so cool looking. The Darkspear, or Sen'jin, stuff looks really nifty as well.

Also, it appears they are creating some vanity pets for this tourney, and I love those. One day I'll get that crazy achievement for having 50 of them (then maybe 75?). According to what has been datamined, it looks like they will have "squires" for you. Essentially they look like the old orphans from Children's Week, wearing a Argent tabard. There are also images of them with backpacks... could Blizzard be trying to implement a way for you to hold more stuff? Like extra bag slots on vanity pets? I remember seeing a vanity pet that had been data-mined called a "pack mule" or something some time ago. Maybe these little squires will be able to carry a few things, such as having a one- or four-slot bag. I say one or four because those numbered slots are already in game ( see? see?) and they are small enough to not be much of a burden on the server.

Regardless, this entire event looks like it's going to be insanely cool. Totally something I can get into.

As for Yrovi, she's currently hanging out in Icecrown, doing quests there for gold. I managed to get those boots I'd been wanting, but I still haven't managed to hit the defense cap. It's very annoying. I'm really close, too. It seems I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and start PUGing some instances whenever I can to get the better gear with defense on it. Even with enchants and a gem with defense I haven't gotten there. And, of course, since I've spent all my extra gold on gear/gem/etc. I'm still nowhere near the 5000G I need to get epic flying. It's starting to get a little discouraging. Still, epic flight is less important than getting ready for raiding. I really, really want to finally see some end-game content, since I never have before. Keep your fingers crossed.

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