Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ding! 80

That's right. Yrovi is officially at the level cap! Just hit 80 today and had a great time training up those last skills and buying new gear to attempt to come at least a little closer to the defense cap of 540 (535 for heroics). I purchased some gear with the gold I had saved up for my epic mount. I figured that getting to the defense cap is more important than running heroics/increasing rep with various groups in order to begin raiding. It was emotionally difficult until I actually got my new shield out of the bank. That thing is beautiful... all glowy and shiny. :D It's worth it, as my defense is now at 500-plus and on it's way higher.

As soon as I hit 80, I went back to Zul'Drak to take on Ragemane again. That dumb seal had killed me before when I attempted to solo it, but at 80 all it took was a health pot and burning my enraged regeneration and bickity-bam, he was dead, and I was able to pick out this very nice axe to slice and dice mobs with. I did have to work on my axe skill for just a little while, but everything worked out okay. I hearthed back to Dalaran and finally took the Orc that's been standing in Krasus Landing for ages up on his offer of heading to Icecrown and did some quests there for the Argent Crusade. They're decent enough folks, I guess.

Finally, I did a quick run through regular Halls of Lightning with Tyra (damn, you're such a good healer) and three other players in a PuG. I died on Ionar thanks to a freak crit and then the stupid shocking debuff, but our DPS druid shifted to bear and took him down. Most excellent playing, thanks for being a good PuG group. Unfortunately, neither one of the tanking items dropped. I guess I'll just have to keep trying. Now that I've been inside once, I feel more comfortable PuGging it and not feeling like an idiot, so I may run it more often now when I have the time. As a tank I should be able to get groups often. Oh, and I was wearing my Wyrmrest Accord Tabard, so I earned a bit of rep with them for the run. That was groovy. :) I have shamelessly stolen a very good gear wishlist that I'm following thanks to Kadomi's blog, and I'm working my way towards getting each slot filled with something on that list.

Oh, and from what I hear, we're in talks with another guild leader to eventually get together to raid. Sounds cool. Hopefully that all works out, because Naxx is calling, and I wants it, precious. I wants it all.

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