Friday, February 6, 2009

IRL: X-Men and PvPOnline, plus Database

Yeah, so, I haven't actually played WoW for the past two days. I came home on Wednesday after listening to the newest Instance podcast with the PvPOnline creator and decided to read the comic. Like, all of it. The whole thing. I didn't stop till bedtime, and I still hadn't completely finished. Regardless, it took up all my WoW time. Last night I came home, helped with dinner, and then watched X-Men and X2 one after the other. Wasn't really in the mood for WoW after that, either.

So. I guess I'll get on tonight and this weekend. I really should get to level 80. I'm so freaking close at this point that it's stupid that I've taken this long (50% through 79). And I know that the guild wants to start raiding and I want to raid with them. And 80 is mandatory for that business. So. I guess I'll get on tonight. And this weekend.

On a side note, I'm going to take at least part of this weekend to fix my media storage situation. I have well over 200 DVDs in my collection, maybe closer to 250, and it is sadly unorganized. I have no idea where some of my movies are. And when I get in the mood for a film, but then can't find it, I go nuts. For example, I know for a fact that I own the Bourne Ultimatum. But I can't find it ANYWHERE. I've looked. So I broke down and just rented it from Blockbuster. By the way, Blockbuster used to be cool. Really cool. 99 cents for an old film for 5 days and no late fees. Yeah, they don't do that anymore. They're back to their old, craptacular ways. Damn that they are the only rental place near my house. One more reason to reorganize my DVD collection. I'm going to use my database software, Delicious Library, to get it all settled and happy. Plus, I just bought something like 5 dvds recently that I need to put in there...

TL;DR: Haven't played; will play tonight and weekend in between organizing my DVD collection. Yeah.

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