Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good Gravy...

Gah. I would have logged on last night, but I burned my pinky finger while cooking! D: Boiling gravy sloshed on to my hand, and that made for a very painful evening. My left hand was forced to spend several hours in cold water. Thank you WebMD for telling me what to do/not to do (I would have made it worse with the lotion I had, but was spot on with the water).

I'm just grateful that it wasn't too bad and more or less healed overnight. I'll just make a simple sandwich tonight, and stay away from the kitchen as much as possible. ;)

Maintenance Tuesday today is supposed to bring patch 3.0.9, or as BigRedKitty calls it: "The Patch to Patch the Patch" Patch. Various fan sites have the patch notes listed, although they don't seem to directly affect any of my characters that I'm playing currently. They aren't on WoW's site, though, so I'm taking them with a grain of salt anyway. To see them courtesy of WoWhead, click here. Remember, they aren't on the official site, so they may not be true, but I think it's possible. I guess we'll find out today. :)

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