Monday, February 23, 2009

One Down, One To Go. Also, SFK, not RFK

I mentioned last post that I was looking out for the tempered saronite bracers and boots for Yrovi to get to the defense "cap" for at least Heroics (535). I was messing around on one of my alts that I haven't touched in awhile, my lady belf rogue, Untainted, when I decided to do a quick look-see on the AH since I was already in Undercity. Sure enough, there were the bracers. They were the first ones I had seen on the AH since I started looking for them two weeks ago. They were also the only ones on the AH, so I logged fast and switched to Yrovi, then hearthed and portaled to UC to buy them. The whole time I was thinking, "gaming gods, if you love me, you won't let anyone else buy them 'till I get there." Yrovi is now the proud owner of the bracers and only needs the boots. Of course, I'm not nearly ready for Heroics. My stamina is just retardedly low now, so I'll have to gem up and get some decent enchants to enhance my health pool. I really should stop being a lazy bum and get my Engineering leveled up in order to get the epic goggles and such.

Of course, I'm starting to fall in love with my mage. I joined up with a PUG group to run Shadowfang Keep (one of my favorite instances, by the way) to take care of three quests I had there. It was fun. We were all belfs (two paladins, two mages), and I even managed to walk away with Arugal's Robes. Of course, that was my second group. It was a great run and you guys rock.

The first group I got in, though, I had to leave... Look. If I join the Looking for Group queue for SFK, that actually means I want to run SFK. So when I hand you the leadership of the group to find more people when you say, "hey, I can get us some more people, give me leader" I'm actually doing it in good faith, thinking you're going to find more people for SFK. NOT some other instance. NOT RFK. I'm sorry that mister hunter doesn't get experience in SFK and would rather do RFK and we'll all get better experience there. I'm sorry that I have three quests to do that no one else cares about, and I'm sorry that I don't care as much about the experience you gain, but the reputation I'm trying to get with Undercity. I was polite. I said, "Thanks for the offer, but I really want to run SFK. Maybe some other time," and then left the group. DPS is easy to get, I know, so find someone else. Damn.

That little incident actually made me switch to my rogue for a bit, who at level 33 is just finishing up in the Hillsbrad Foothills. Also a belf (yes, I like them), she is fun. Sneaky. And she rides a pink chokobo. What's not to love.

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