Friday, April 17, 2009

Alts, Their Jobs, and a Banker Gone

I am an altoholic. I've fessed up to it before, heck, I'm pretty okay with it, even proud. I love all my little toons, even if I don't get to play them often. I should say, though, that I make my alts work.

That's right. Every toon has at least one job, most have two. They may not be the best cooks, or know where the good fishing spots are, or be versed in field medicine, but they do have jobs. I try to match their skills to something that makes sense, something they will enjoy, but in the end all of them have to work for themselves and for the others, including Yrovi. Usually Yrovi supplies them materials, and they work diligently, doing their best to become masters of their crafts. Some of them are doing quite well at this. Others are lagging, but they have their reasons.

My former banking alt has thrown in the towel, though. She is a troll priest and demands the chance to get out of Orgrimmar once in a while. So not too long ago, she revolted, dropped everything she was doing, and ran to the Alchemist and Engineering trainers. She is now somewhere in the Barrens, possibly fighting quillboar, I'm honestly not sure. If you're there, and see a troll priest by the name of Eruza cackling maniacally with explosives and strange elixers, keep your distance... she's not quite herself.

My other toons tend to fall in line, though. Purah, my death knight, is a Scribe (something he did when he still lived, you know) and he is very good at finding plants with pigments he can use. Mål, the paladin adept, comes from a fairly well-to-do background, and knows how to craft jewelery as well as procure the precious stones and metals he needs to fashion his beautiful and useful pieces of shiny art. Untainted the rogue can skin just about any beast she comes across and is fairly deft at fashioning armor from their hides. My mage, Xapha, is an enchanter and tailor, creating her own robes and magical wands, as well as helping out the other toons with disposing of unneeded magical items. Her bags come in handy as well. A druid in my employ, Xyno, can also skin animals and knows where to find many rare plants for milling and potions. She's one of my suppliers. In fact, all of my toons can do just about anything, except blacksmithing. I leave that to professionals.

Unfortunately, having all these professions means that many materials are needed. Yes, some of them can gather their own, but most materials are very expensive and take a great deal of time to gather together. I find that I have less and less time to put forward to simply leveling professions, especially when they are able to progress along their chosen paths so very quickly. For example, Mål is already level 35, well on his way up the ladder, and so busy working for the Blood Knights (or anyone else willing to pay for his time and services) that he has had little time to focus on making rings or amulets. The fact that they only get broken down into their magical components for Xapha to use in her enchanting doesn't help his ego, either. And this is just one example. All of my little workers are having difficulty keeping their jobs up to date.

The worst part? There isn't really a solution, other than to make more time: time to gather ore, herbs, and skins; time to do dailies for gold to pay for all the little things you can't get elsewhere, like thread for Xapha; time to take Yrovi through old dungeons to get random green gear and cloth... and since Eruza went crazy and left her all-important post of distribution hub, I need to choose a new banker, and preferably one who won't go insane in the next few months.

Of course, once I do, I'll need to stock them with gold, buy them extra slots in the bank, buy big bags (or get xapha up to snuff and make big bags), and get them familiar with the auction house. That's more gold needed, as an investment this time. *sigh*

I can honestly say, at least, that the major purchases I needed to make on Yrovi are taken care of. She's got everything any adventurer could want: the best flight training, for Outland and the cold Northrend, an expanded mind (dual spec), and good-sized bags to hold all her needed items. So if I'm going to create a new banker, now is the time. Perhaps my gatherer druid would be good? Or my shaman twink who I only occasionally send into battle? Or maybe my hunter, who hasn't done much but slack off in Ratchet with the goblins? Tough decision, but one that needs to be made, since having to constantly go back and forth myself is getting old. We'll just have to wait to see what the future holds, though.

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