Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Terrace Two-Man and Level 35

I had a great deal of fun tonight, running a two-manned Magister's Terrace with our resident holy paladin, Tyra. That's right, just the two of us. I had never gotten a chance to see it before, so it was a unique experience. I have to admit, I've become just a bit burned out on end-game type stuff, so running something just for fun, without any reward other than seeing something I hadn't seen before and being able to take part in some lore (i.e. seeing Kael'thas, even in the poor shape he's in within the Terrace). Too bad the little pet didn't drop, but that's probably asking too much anyway. Regardless, I learned a thing or two, enjoyed myself, and earned two achievements tonight: Magister's Terrace and Got My Mind on My Money.

Speaking of old content, I've also been running Scholomance for Dark Runes and Argent Dawn rep (and jumping over to Stratholme for a chance at the mount) with Yrovi and that has it's own brand of fun. Pwning these instances is easy at level 80, but I had never done Scholomance before, so it was totally new to me. I've also figured out how to get to the Baron in Stratholme, but it still bugs out so that I can't get out of the instance. I have to port. My runs for the mount will be limited to one, or maybe two a day due to this if I ever get serious about it. I probably won't, though, seeing as I'm a Forsaken and our mounts look just like his already. Still, it's a cool instance and I need to be as familiar with it as possible. For later, when I have to run through on my Pally.

I'm farming those Dark Runes for a reason, you know. ;-) When Mål, my little ret pally, is level 60, I plan to go ahead and do the epic mount questline, rather than try to buy the summon Charger spell from the trainer. I have my reasons, the least of which is that it should be cheaper overall that way, plus you earn your Blood Knight tabard with the quest and it is the only way to get that particular tabard. Mål must have it! He just ding'd level 35 this evening, so there is still a great deal of time left before I need all these things, but better to have it sitting in the bank, ready to go, than to have to put him on hold at level 59 or so. I get about a level a day when I log on to him at the moment, so he's well on his way to starting that questline.

The questline requires various items of different qualities, and most of it is farmable, so Yrovi has been hard at work preparing. The added bonus of Argent Dawn rep is just icing on the cake, seeing as there is a title involved if you get exalted with both Argent factions. Yrovi must have it! Too bad the Argent Tournament in 3.1 will essentially make the cloth turn-in quests for city reputation obsolete, because farming Scholomance for runecloth is so easy. Just running the first three rooms a few times yielded over ten full stacks of runecloth. Tailors, if you're in need of runecloth, get a high-level run through part of Scholo and you'll have all you could want. I kept about half of them for my tailoring alt and dumped the rest.

Speaking of tailoring alt, I really need to look at the professions I have. All of my toons have their professions slots filled. I think I've covered everything, aside from Blacksmithing. I've been wondering about some of my less-played alts, and while the main reason I don't log on to them often is because of time constraints, I think their professions may have a bit to do with it as well. My priest, for example, was the second character I rolled on my main server after Yrovi. I intended to level her so that our guild would have a healing priest for end-game. Yeah, that never happened. I want to make her viable again, though, so I've thought about dropping her professions (tailoring/enchanting; my mage happens to have the exact same professions and she's much more fun to play) and replacing them with something a little more fun: Engineering. The profession has plenty of issues. I personally agree with many other engineers out there, and have to say that at end-game, engineering is lacking. Still, while leveling, this predominantly PvP-slanted profession could be a real boon for a priest, with bombs for dps, target dummies to hold aggro for a few seconds, and gadgets and gear to improve stats. Heck, I have engineering on my main, I know how to level it, and I know how to use it to my advantage. It just may make my priest playable. I'll keep tailoring and enchanting on my mage, which makes more sense, lore-wise, anyway, and get my priest rocking the Engineering.

The only thing is, what do I pair with it? I already have two miners, ore won't be an issue. I have an herbalist and a skinner, but I may still go with one of those. Several engineering recipies require leather. I could go with another crafting profession, but what would it be? Alchemy? Or maybe I keep enchanting? This is going to take some thought, I think. I'll let you know. ;-)

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