Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Other Side

Noblegarden, and, specifically the achievement Shake Your Bunny-Maker, brought the Alliance and Horde together, if only for a moment. I know I tried to make myself as adorable as possible so that the Alliance wouldn't kill me on my quest to find a Female Dwarf for the achievement.

It also got me thinking about my long-forgotten Alliance alts, specifically my own lady dwarf, Ceridwyn. She's a hunter, one that had been sitting at level 20 for quite a long time now, on the Darrowmere server. I decided to log onto her and do the Horde there a favor by running her to the front door of Orgrimmar. Naturally I was killed a few times, but not that many, and I know that at least three members of the Horde got their Noble Gardner achievements thanks to me. Made me feel are warm and fuzzy inside.

The strange thing is, I have a hunter on Gul'dan, a lady orc by the name of Dahr, also around level 20. I seem to have a really difficult time with her, though. She doesn't hold my interest (it may be because I was trying to attack things way, WAY over my level... I've returned to the Barrens for a bit to level up some more before going back to Ashenvale). My alliance dwarf, though? Love her. Managed to get her half-way to 22 in about an hour, and plan on playing her a bit each day now to slowly level her to see the other half of the game I pay for. I don't have any high-level alliance toons (I'm not counting the Death Knights I made) and I'd love to have at least one 70+ toon. The storyline is quite different.

It was actually a bit funny to see the state she was in when I logged onto her after letting her sit for months. She still had an ammo pouch. lol I got rid of it, managed to earn some gold, bought a bigger bag to replace it, worked on her engineering profession to make better ammo and went after those quests. I think, as long as I can keep her experience in the blue, I'll level her fast. Her racials are even decent even though people hate treasure-finding, as a rule. I used it last night to get some free Melon juice, and who wouldn't want free drinks for mana? Especially since she doesn't have Aspect of the Viper yet.

I know Alliance is outnumbered by the Horde on her server, but it doesn't bother me much. It has a low enough population that leveling shouldn't be an issue, and hunters level pretty quickly anyway. Only thing I wish I had was a low-level guild for running instances with and such. I don't think such a thing really exists anymore, though, so I guess I'll just have to be guildless until I get closer to the level cap.

Regardless, I think in the near future there will be a few more posts about how the other side lives, and the story lines there that pique my interest. Should be fun. :)

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