Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Split Personality and the Tourney

Although 3.1 has caused some problems, seeing as the realms were down again this morning when I woke up at about 6 am, I was able to get on a play for a couple hours last night. Nearly all my addons that I manually updated (RIP WowMatrix) don't work with 3.1. Don't know why. GoGoMount, for example is claiming it's out of date. Frustrating, because I don't want to deal with Swatter constantly giving me error messages, so I just leave all the "out of date" ones turned off. Still, I feel a little crippled without all my shiny addons.

Anyway, I logged onto Yrovi and headed straight back to Dalaran by way of my hearthstone (Yay 30 minute cooldown!). I started by going to my trainer in Undercity, stopping by the mailbox on the way to pick up some gold I sent to push me over the 1000 gold mark. I set my options to allow me to preview my talents before permanently learning them and went to town fixing up my main spec, which is still a Protection build. Once that was taken care of, I paid my trainer to "expand my mind" (goodbye 1000G) and recieved the dual spec ability.

My second spec is a Fury build, one I'll probably have to change later on down the road. I've never specced fury, having leveled protection the whole way. I have no idea what I'm doing. It's... interesting to say the least and definitely feels like a newly-discovered split personality. I do at least have a full set of DPS gear and it even contains a good amount of blue items. I switched out my gear, got into Beserker stance (very strange for me lol) and took the zeppelin to Howling Fjord.

My two weapons I have are a 2H Sword and a 2H Mace. My 2H Sword skill was much higher, seeing as I was still occasionally carrying around the Hellboar Carver for a bit back before patch 3.0. I hadn't touched a 2H Mace, though, since about level 30. My skill was way below 200, so the poor wargs and Shoveltusks outside the Horde base got a beating. At least I got some chilled meat and Shoveltusk flanks out of the deal, allowing me to finally make some Great Feasts. Not sure when I'll get to use them, though. Maybe Thursday when the guild does those heroic runs, for fun and lolz.

Even with that little detour, though, my weapon skills are still too low. Figured that out when I decided to do some dailies for gold since I was now broke. It took me far too long to kill the Captured Vrykul in the mine in Brunhildar village. Still no Polar bear. She hates me. D:

After playing around a little more, I switched back to my more comfortable Prot spec and gear and made for the northern part of Icecrown. There, right where it was supposed to be, was the Argent Tournament, already in full swing, full of people. I made my way to the Argent Pavillion, picked up the starter quest and got to work. I started earning my Aspirant tokens on my way to becoming a Valiant. I did all the dailies available to me, picking up some nice gold and my daily allotment of 5 tokens. I also honed my mounted combat skills, working on the various training dummies. I must say, they improved the Tourney a great deal from when I messed with it on the PTR.

They moved the mount you need to complete the various mounted quests to a spot right outside your faction's main tent. There are also various Argent Champions you can ask to explain how to fight against various training dummies. This is pure win in my mind. Trying to just figure it out on the PTR was frustrating. With all that, I managed to snag both Argent Aspiration and Tilted! already, so I imagine getting all the others won't take too long. ;-)

I'm already exalted with all of the Horde racial factions, so that part of the tournament is more or less unimportant. Of course, it also means that I don't have to worry about grinding that rep or wasting my Champion's Seals on faction commendations. It also means that certain high-level achievements will automatically happen when I get the lower level ones. I forsee many titles in my future and I don't even have to be Timear.

The only drawback? I'll probably get so focused on the darn tourney that I'll forget about everything else. There's so much to do now that there is no way I'll get it all done. I haven't even mentioned the new fishing dailies, or even the sweeping changes to cooking and fishing, or the fact that I'm totally behind on my other rep grinds, like the Oracles and Sons of Hodir. Gah! I want to do everything!

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