Monday, April 27, 2009

Nearly Noble

Noblegarden is in full swing! Yrovi awoke early yesterday and ran immediately for the town of Brill where she joined a few others (and later many, many others) in searching for the brightly-colored eggs hidden around the town. She found many eggs, ate many chocolates, bought several items with chocolates, and was occasionally bombarded in Dalaran with bunny ears while searching for a lady dwarf to do the same. She is but two achievements away from becoming Yrovi the Noble (cute title, don't you think?) and I suspect that she'll be sporting it soon enough, as long as the rather elusive female toons come out to play.

All in all, the holiday is pretty simple and straightforward, though I'm still missing a female orc and dwarf (where are you guys?!?) for the achievement. I've yet to see a bunny pet drop from an egg, too, so I'll keep opening eggs 'till I get enough to buy one (100 chocolates) or find one, though the RNG is not very nice to me, usually.

Yrovi also ran regular Culling of Stratholme again, this time as dps... and let's just say that, while we made it through just fine, she was only pulling about 1k dps, sometimes less. That's just terrible. At least I know why the dps was so terrible: bad gear, especially weapons. Also, Yrovi's hit and expertise is below cap, so that's not great either. I do know better than to go into a heroic with my current set-up, at least, and will be avoiding them like the plague as Fury until I've run more of the low-level dungeons for blues.

Thanks to Tyra's amazing heals, we didn't wipe, but the bosses took some time to burn down. Thankfully the pace in CoS is more or less determined by Arthas (the worst group member ever... he never waits for the tank, especially during the gauntlet), so I didn't feel too terrible about it. I plan on looking at gear upgrades soon for my dps set, especially my weapons, so I'm not such a loser anymore. To be fair: I was still more or less at the top of the damage meter, even in my sorry state. Yeah, no wonder it's hard to find good dps these days. I find it a little amusing, though, that I'm a tank who wants to dps, when usually the bad pug'd members are dps who want to try tanking. It was mostly a guild run, though, with three members from CoF, which made it fun. Any time we can run stuff together is good, since few of us are level 80, and most that are still need lots and lots of gear upgrades.

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