Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boston Marathon and a Champion

I'm finally back from Boston, after spending 4 days there to see the Boston Marathon and the city. It's actually a pretty cool place. I'm glad I got to see it.

The Marathon was interesting, too. I have to say, seeing people run over 26 miles is pretty impressive. It has also taught me that all runners are masochists to some extent, even my friend who participated in the event. Honestly, I saw how a human can condition their body to be able to endure that kind of exertion and what happens to a human body when you have an off day, or even the worst day ever. Some of the runners looked to be in a great deal of pain, mostly from what looked like really bad muscle cramps. I swear I could see some of their leg muscles spasming from the sidelines. And yet, after all that, all of them will continue to run, many of them will run marathons, and probably all who requalify will be back next year to do it again.

Of course, being the WoW addict that I am, while watching the marathon, it crossed my mind that our toons must be in amazing physical condition. For the first 30 levels, they run everywhere. They run in all weather, at a constant pace, carrying huge backpacks and bags filled with stuff, and wearing heavy armor and weapons. At least Yrovi does, seeing as she's decked out in full plate with a heavy shield and axe.

Of course, the game couldn't be realistic. It wouldn't be fun if it were. If we were forced to walk everywhere before we got our mounts, we'd be bored to tears. If we were forced to only carry what we "realistically" could lug around, then no one would have anything. Of course, if we would get a non-combat pet pack mule or squire that had extra bag space, I probably wouldn't complain. And yes, I know, there is a squire in game now, but his backpack is obvoiously just for show, since he hasn't offered to carry any of my stuff yet.

That's right, Yrovi recieved a free child yesterday (read: Argent Gruntling) who follows her around and carries a pennant of the Undercity for her. After working her way up the ranks in the Argent Tournament yesterday (and a little during the Boston trip), she finally earned the right to become a Champion of the Forsaken. Because she's best friends with them, too, she can now call herself Yrovi of the Undercity. Very cool.

Of course, this also means that she has to become a Champion with all of them. She has approached the delgation from Orgrimmar and is currently training as a Valiant for the orcs, while continuing with her Champion duties. Also, the Black Knight is a complete pansy. Yrovi knocked him clean off his horse and he didn't get up (yeah, actually, I think the encounter was bugged because there was no second phase to the fight... he really did die the minute he hit the ground and I got credit; very strange all around).

The day ended with her taking a very nostalgic trip back in time to Stratholm to Cull the city with Arthas. She's still not sure how she feels about that, seeing as she grew up there and that's where she turned into the undead. Still, she knows that the timeline must be preserved and all that, and she'd do anything for Chromie. I'm fairly certain that little gnome is the only one in all of Azeroth that Yrovi wouldn't eat.

So Yrovi has gotten a few new achievements: Culling of Stratholme, 100 Stone Keepers Shards, Leaning Tower (because I think I'm addicted to Wintergrasp, seriously), It's Just a Flesh Wound, and Exalted Champion of the Undercity. Once I earn a few more champion's seals, I'll be buying the very sexy, white, skeletal warhorse from my faction's quartermaster. Eventually I'll get the tanking axe and the non-combat pets, too. *sigh* So much to do, how will I get it all done.

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