Thursday, August 13, 2009

99th Post... Onyxia and a Confession

Wow. I've actually talked about stuff nearly 100 times on this blog? Crazy. Honestly, I didn't even think I'd go past maybe a month or two writing, yet here we are. It's because no one reads and it's like leaving an open journal sitting on my desk. If someone came by, they'd see it and maybe read it, but no one does so.

Still, I never did this for others, only for myself. ;)

There's news regarding WoW's 5th anniversary. Onyxia, raid boss known so well for providing the experience that lead to the "DPS VERY, VERY SLOWLY... AND BY SLOW, I MEAN F#*@ING SLOW" video known so well among WoWers, is making a comeback. Blizzard is revamping her raid to be 10/25 man and will drop updated loot, including updated T2 helms and a new flying mount that will look like the queen dragon herself. In addition, anyone who logs on during that time will get a special Onyxia broodling whelp pet (I'm excited about this, actually. Last year it was a baby polar bear, which I love, too.) that may or may not be account bound. The bear last year was account bound, so we'll see.

I have never seen Onyxia, personally. I know that it's currently possible for a decently-geared level 80 to go in a solo her, especially paladins. Interesting, considering she was once a very difficult 40 man boss (Vanilla WoW). Still, it just proves how powerful we've all become in the many years we've traveled the World... of Warcraft. I'd like to go up against her, but Yrovi is not exactly raid-ready. Sure, she's uncrittable, but I've more or less shelved her (obvious, I'd guess, since I haven't written about her, at all, for weeks now), not run anything with her, and her health pool is, thus, still quite low. Plus, I've more or less come to the conclusion that, while tanking can be fun (especially at the lower-levels), the extra responsibility required of a tank makes the game less fun for me. I don't want to lead a group, usually because I have no idea of what's really going on.

Seona, on the other hand, while a completely new character and one that takes time to build up, is tons of fun. DPS is so much more carefree. That's not to say there isn't responsibility involved... I still have to be good at my class to not be carried. And I don't want to be carried. That's, honestly, the last thing I want. But I don't want to have to constantly ensure that every mob is on me, that I have things positioned well, that... well... that I'm the leader.

Here's the Confession: I don't want to lead, I want to play. That means I don't want to tank, possibly ever again. I don't know if I want to try healing. There's responsibility there, too, but it's different. But, I don't think I want to tank. After all the work I put into Yrovi, that's a bit of a harsh realization for me. I spent a lot of gold, and my guildmates (especially Tyra) did a bunch for me to get to uncrittable and theoretically raid-ready. I don't know if it's just a phase, or if this is a real, honest feeling, but tanking just may not be for me.

*Deep breath* That being said, my dwarf paladin is coming along really well. Seona is 60, which means a super cool avatar on the forums and potentially flying training (if I can get 650 Gold anytime soon). I'm doing all I can to get my Honor Hold rep up to reduce the price a bit, now that it applies. At this point it's safe to state that Seona will be my new main and I hope to do some raiding with her in the near future. In this case, it'll be the guild helping me along, thanks to lots of members and generally helpful people. Not that we didn't have generally helpful people on the old server, but there are so few of us. *sigh*

I kinda miss my old guildies... :( The Cradle is/was cool. I think I'll have to log on again soon, if nothing else, to say hi. The Kingship is freaking awesome, though, too, and I think I can make some good friends here, especially once I get to level 80. Only 20 levels to go...

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