Friday, August 28, 2009

Got My Groove Back

Yep, I'm definitely back in the leveling groove. After taking a week and a half off from WoW, getting back into the leveling grind is going really smoothly. It's been awhile since I've done many of the Outland quests I'm doing now, so, while not "fresh" per se, it isn't terribly stale, either. I'm keeping Seona in Zangarmarsh for as long as possible, now, after taking some time to work in Terrokar for a bit. Honestly, the forest itself isn't awful, but the Bone Wastes are just boring.

That being said, I am nearly finished with the quests in Zangarmarsh, I think. Not every single one, of course, because I'm not stopping for instances, but all of the other quest lines are just about done, I think. I've picked up the breadcrumb quest to get me to Nagrand, though, so it's okay. I avoided the breadcrumb quest for the Bladed Mountains, as I'd like to ignore that entire part of Outlands, if possible.

With Nagrand on the horizon, and Zangarmarsh fully explored, Seona is blasting through levels. While it may have completely depleted my gold supply at the time, buying her flying training and a gryphon was the best investment so far. She can skip tons of mobs if necessary, fly straight from point to point - more efficient travel is always good - and just get stuff done faster. It's fantastic. And as for gold... she's already earned back a nice bit from quests alone. Nearly every quest she's doing now rewards a few gold. She went from having no gold left at all (just a handful of silvers and coppers) to well over 150 gold in a few hours of questing. That's not amazing by any stretch, but she can take care of the basics, like training, without any worries.

Completely avoiding instances may have been a mistake, but I'm trying not to worry about it. Getting groups is hard, and apparently Blizzard still hasn't fixed the whole "More Instances cannot be launched at this time" problem, yet. I have faith that they'll take care of it, in due time. Seona may not have the best gear, but what she does have takes care of quest mobs without any issue. And it isn't like I'm a newbie... I know how to act in a group, what my duties are as a hybrid class, and how to take over different roles if needed. The only thing I haven't done, yet, is heal.

I have a pseudo healing set, one that doubles my mana bar, but I don't have dual spec. I understand that healing as Retribution is perfectly possible, even viable, especially at lower levels in regular dungeons... but I've never done it before. I've managed to pick up plenty of spell power gear through quests and probably have a decent healing set, I guess, but I haven't put it to the test. I guess my next goal should be to save up 1000 Gold for dual spec, though. Holy Pallies are great healers, and I'd love to really give healing an honest try. What's the point in carrying all this healing gear if I never use it?

My plan for Seona is, once she hits level 68 (only three levels to go...), to head to Northrend. From there, I'll plan to do instances again for good gear, hopefully as Retribution, but I'll heal if that's what's needed, especially if the group I'm in agrees to allow me to roll on DPS gear instead of healing stuff. From there, it's a straight shot to 80. Fame, fortune, and phat lootz and purps await!

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  1. Healing is entirely overrated. Granted, on my paladin, I have so much trouble finding groups as ret, that I just ended up ditching my dps suit altogether. >.<

    Good luck blazing through Outland.