Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Don't Be Lazy... You'll Just Die

Normally I'd hate Hellfire Peninsula, but it isn't too bad right now. Seeing it from a different perspective is pretty nice. There are plenty of quests to do, and though they're very similar to the Horde quests, the story behind them is just different enough to make me care again.

There are some drawbacks, though, of course. Seona's mining never did get to 300, so I'm unable to gather any ore I see while questing. That's just a bummer. Her skinning is doing it's thing, however, so all those over-eager Helboars need to back off or get skinned. I'm also having to level up my two-handed axe skill, which is just boring and tedious. Seriously, Blizzard needs to find a better or more interesting way to level up weapon skills. Right now it's just masochistic. Oh, and I'm dying more often than I should be.

Yes, the Fel Reaver got me. It wouldn't be Hellfire Penninsula if you didn't get one-shotted by the big guy at least once while there. It's interesting how easy it is for a giant, metal, evil robot to sneak up on you, but trust me, he can and will. I've gotten really lazy when it comes to my "oh shit!" buttons, though, because I've died to mobs when, frankly, I shouldn't have. It makes me feel very noobish and ignorant of my class.

For example, I over-pulled some of those red fel orcs in the middle of the zone. Instead of popping a bubble and running away to try again, I stayed to fight. Fine, shouldn't be an issue, pop the bubble... well... no you're dead because you didn't react fast enough. You know, you really shouldn't have died because Lay on Hands was also off cooldown, too. Wow. You just sucked that up right badly, didn't you? Terrible.

That went through my head not once but TWICE last night. I blame the late time and sleepiness... or maybe it was the pudding I was eating while playing...

Mmmm... pudding.

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