Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Perfect Gun and BG Experience

Blizzard has once again honored one of the elite, one of the great players of their game, with an in-game item. In this case, it is a gun, specifically tailored for Hunters, and it's a drop in the tribute chest in the new Argent Tournament Coliseum. That's right, everyone's favorite Beast Mastery Hunter, BigRedKitty, aka BRK, has a new weapon named after him.

The BRK-1000. Isn't it pretty? *sigh* We miss you Daniel and it looks like Blizzard misses you, too! This is a pretty nice way to remember him, I think. Good on you, Blizzard, this was a long time coming for the guy that taught me more about playing a Hunter than anyone else.

And speaking of hunters, I recently dug up an old alt of mine to test the Battleground experience change, since ED was locked out with a 400+ server queue to get in. His name is Gruun (troll males FTW!) and is located on the Underbog server. At level 12, I knew I'd probably get stomped into the dirt in Warsong Gulch, but hunters are good for PvP, so I gave it a shot. I set him up with his 3 talent points in Improved Tracking (+3% damage against whatever I'm currently tracking, obviously humanoids for the BG) and queued up.

He actually did okay. No twinks, although there were a few level 19 and even a handful of 20's in the bracket that could one-shot him (he only has just over 300 health). He got several of the PvP achievements that night and I actually had fun for once. It definitely makes me want to take another toon out to the BG's and tear up the place for fun.

I like hunters for PvP, with their kiting abilities and decent damage, plus pet. I'm fairly certain hunters have gotten a talent reset (I definitely didn't pay for his talent change last night) and I think Berryl might make a good candidate for BG leveling. She's higher up and will soon have more access to Arathi Basin. Warsong Gulch is fun and all, but the experience gain vs. time spent is pretty awful. The developers are definitely watching this, they've said as much on the official forums, so hopefully they'll bump the experience gain for WG soon.

Gear is still a factor, but not having to worry about twinks makes life easier. And, it may have just been my good luck, but there appeared to be a great deal less QQ in the BG chat last night. If a happier, friendlier Battleground is what awaits, then I'm all for a great deal more Battleground excitement.

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