Monday, August 10, 2009

My Lucky Day

Have you ever had one of those days where things just worked out? And it doesn't have to be some big thing, it can just be over a little thing, like finding that perfect book or a great pair of jeans when you weren't really looking... or a tv show you like on sale. :)

So, yesterday evening, I was catching up on my recorded TV shows, specifically Inuyasha (yes, I know, I know... not the best anime ever, but I'm a fangirl, what can I say?). I was sad, because Adult Swim only shows two episodes a week now, as opposed to every night, like they used to a couple years ago. I wanted to own the series, of course, but it's so expensive!

I mean, I had seen the box sets at Best Buy, but each season - there are 7, I think - ranges in price from something like $45 to over 100! Each! I can't afford that! So, last night, on a whim, I searched on Amazon. I don't mind buying them used, as long as they play. Unfortunately, most of the seasons are still quite expensive, even used. So, I was all crestfallen and sad, when I remembered that Half Price Books, a discount bookseller chain here in Texas, usually has a bunch of used Anime on their DVD shelves.

Of course, it was Sunday, and I figured they'd be closed by the time I thought of it (7:30 PM). I was surprised, though, to see that they were open till 8! I jumped in my car and drove over, thinking that if they have any of the sets, I'd buy them... provided they were reasonably priced. I figured I'd pay no more that $25... at least, that's what I figured I could afford.

I especially wanted the first season, as I'd like to watch them all in order. Imagine my surprise when I got there, ran over to the Anime section... and there it was. Plain as day and just sitting there. On top of everything else, it was only $10!!! I couldn't believe it! The discs are in perfect condition, too. I was grinning like an idiot, let me tell you. :D

As a bonus, they had the first movie, too. There was an "As Is" sticker on it, but I checked the disc and it looks fine. I haven't tried to play it, though, so there may be something wrong with it that I just can't see. I'm super happy, though, because I got exactly what I wanted, for an amazing deal, and now I can have fun "treasure hunting" for the other seasons at other stores.

So, basically, this was like getting that rare drop, epic lewtz, uber-purples kind of thing. And the best part? It happened IRL. :D

EDIT: I just realized that seasons 1, 2, and 3 are on Hulu!!! Holy crap, that's amazing. ^_^ Now I don't have to buy 2 and 3 right away, I can get my fix for free... at least until I can dig up those seasons on sale or at Half Price. EditEdit: Turns out on Hulu they're subtitled... that's a minor inconvenience. Still, better than nothing, right?

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