Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3.2 Has Arrived (And a Wedding)

So, anyone who plays knows now that 3.2 is here and ready to go, as soon as Tuesday maintenance is done. Before I go into that, though, Seona attended a beautiful wedding last night between two guildies.

The wedding took place in idyllic Elwynn Forest, high up in the hills, by a waterfall. Even more beautiful, the entire ceremony took place over the water. Thanks to a few water-walking spells and potions, we were able to stand out on the lake, the waterfall cascading down behind, and witness a beautiful ceremony. It was really quite touching and an amazing RP experience. I dressed Seona up in a very nice blue-green robe that matched her eyes and enjoyed the refreshments afterwards. It's just too bad I couldn't stay longer. The ceremony started around 10 pm and didn't finish till nearly 11... and getting up for work was going to be difficult enough as it was.

So, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Fost! Best wishes to you both!

Okay, so, 3.2...
First thing I'm gonig to do is log onto Ziir and send out some Gold to Seona. She's getting an upgrade to Caliburn. She managed to level to 58 right before the wedding last night and has already reported for duty in Honor Hold. The demons are no problem, so the "old world" is going to become a pretty distant memory, at least for the time being. I'm also very keen on doing all the quests I can for Honor Hold, to get to exalted as quickly as possible.

Flying training was quite expensive and had no discounts. Now, thanks to the trainers moving to Honor Hold/Thrallmar, you can get reputation discounts and they've made it cheaper. The PvP daily you can grind out there gives reputation, plus tokens and 70 silver. I'm also hoping to finally run a few instances, although with all the Death Knights out there, I'm not so sure I'll get any drops as Retribution. More than likely, I'll throw on some spell power/+int gear and keep those undead buggers alive for experience and fun times... although Hellreaver would be really, really nice. *sigh*

I always intended to make Seona dual spec into healing, however, so this might give me good practice. Regardless, any chance of running instances is good for me, and I actually like some of the BC dungeons.

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