Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Big 100 - Cataclysm Spoilers Ahead!

It's a bit funny that my 100th post comes when I haven't been playing WoW. My friends were in town, so instead I hung out with them, did the tour guide thing and partied. All-in-all, WoW hasn't been on my radar much over the last few days, but I'm definitely looking forward to what Blizzcon has in store for us. Don't read if you don't want spoilers. Even if not all of it is true, too much of this is potentially fact.

MMO-Champion has gone into heavy speculation (almost-fact, according to them) about the new expansion. If even half of what they're saying is true, I'm beyond excited. This is starting to go into crazy-awesome territory, where mere words cannot express the emotions I'm feeling. While I won't go into every single thing that Boubouille has posted regarding Cataclysm, I figure I'll touch on the ones that make me giggle with joy. Seriously, stop reading if you want everything to be a surprise... Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.

  • New Class Combinations. Holy Cow. Literally. The next expansion will allow new race/class combinations, including the possibility for a Tauren Paladin. Do want, now. I also find the idea of a human hunter, undead hunter, and dwarven mage flat out giggle worthy, but in a good way. I'd love an undead hunter, especially if I could tame all the diseased-looking beasts for that special look. It also looks like Gnomes will finally get their healing class, and Trolls can potentially become Druids. That's surprising, simply because... well, will they use the Tauren forms or do they get all new ones? I'm not holding my breath for all of the combinations listed, but wow, this could be cool.
  • Classic Azeroth Redone. Armageddon. Flooding of certain zones, breaking up the Barrens, reworking Azshara to be a lower-level zone... it's all amazingly cool. With the potential for phasing technology, this could be one of the coolest changes of the entire expansion. Thousand Needles underwater? Yes, please. To be able to fly in the old world? Do want. As much as I love the game as it is, can you imagine how absolutely fantastic it could be with the old world updated as well? Leveling will supposedly be more streamlined as well, making getting to the new level cap of 85 that much faster. And yes, it'll only be 85 instead of 90... interesting, but not unheard of. I'd hate to go another ten levels, as slow as I usually go.
  • Thrall's Destiny Revealed. Thrall, leader of the Horde forces and beloved orc of all... will become the Guardian of Tirisfal and hand over leadership to Garrosh. Of all the changes, this one is most interesting to me. I'm not overly fond of Garrosh. He's a hot-head, and not overly intelligent. He'll definitely throw the Horde into full war against the Alliance (which will only be more fun for PvP) and be an overall jerk. Still, it's a change, and it moves the story along, so I can't complain. Varian will finally look better, at any rate, as even he isn't as big of an ass as Garrosh.
  • New Races. I've covered them already, not much new here, aside from the potential backstory involved. Apparantly the Goblins will be rebellious slaves of Deathwing and the Worgen will be Gilneans who have found a semi-cure of their Worgen curse, allowing them to keep their head during their transformation. Very "Remus Lupin-esque." Still, cool backstory and huge potential there.
All in all, I'm beyond ready to hear what happens at Blizzcon. I can't go, and I can't buy the live stream, but Wow.com will cover it all, of course, as will every other WoW news site out there.

I just realized... I really need to go visit all the old zones and take screenshots. Can you imagine what the new world will be like? I might want to wax nostalgic later on, so I better go get that explorer title and snap photos. Cataclysm, we're all waiting for you, eager as ever.

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