Monday, August 3, 2009

So Close I Can Taste It

Level 58 is now a heartbeat away. Seona managed to solo Araj the Summoner out in the Plaguelands, allowing her to finish the Scholomance key as well as Alas, Andorhal. Those two quests alone got her 14300 and 11900 experience, respectively. Araj is a pushover when he's alone. I pulled and killed his guards (coming from the East, you know, where the bridge is) and then cleaned out a few more mobs around him, then attacked him directly.

Thanks to Chromie, I had an attuned dampener or whatever it is, which damaged him quite a bit and nerfed his damage to me by 25%. Easy. Done and done, and that much closer to the greatly wanted level 58. Unfortunately, the only quests I have left for the Plaguelands are in the dungeons and I don't really think I have time to run an instance. I'd love to do so. I'd love to run Scholomance or Stratholme at the level you're supposed to, as I've never done so before. Except... well... I want to be level 80 ASAP. And tonight Seona needs to attend a wedding (she's going to look so pretty in her dress) so running something time consuming like the Plagueland dungeons is out of the question.

So, I took her to Silithus. God, I didn't think anything could be worse than Desolace, but Silithus does it, hands down. I'm not a fan of bugs and such to begin with, and that's all you see in this desert (plus the buzzing puts me on edge). The good thing is that it's all new to me, so at least I'm not bored (just on edge :/ ). A few more quests there, though, and Seona will be through the gate and in Outlands, especially since the week means I'm occupied during the day and Seona is gaining rested experience while I'm working.

Good gravy, I can't wait. :D

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