Friday, May 1, 2009

Forsooth, again!

It's pretty obvious that I haven't mentioned my little Alliance shaman in awhile. That's mostly because I haven't played her since I posted about her so long ago. And I'm honestly not really that into her anymore, so she's going to sit in one place and get lots and lots of rested experience.

That's not to say I don't want to try again, though. In fact, I am trying again, this time on the Emerald Dream server. Why there? Well, it all started with another burning need to try roleplaying. I took a quick look at the servers where I already had characters, and noticed that I had a few on ED. So I decided that, instead of rolling on a whole new server, I'd try to get involved with this one. Before just jumping in, though, I needed a plan of action. I knew I wanted to roleplay. I mean, that's one of the points of a RP-PvP server, right? I also knew from past experiences that roleplay by yourself is... well... not very interesting. That meant I needed a group or a guild.

My first stop was to see what kind of population I was getting into. Surprisingly, the server appears to be pretty 50/50, with maybe a very slight advantage to the Horde. All of my characters on ED are Alliance, which suits me just fine, especially with the 50/50 split. Of all the Alliance characters, humans and night elves were dominant, and I wanted one of the less populated races, so I decided on a dwarf. A female dwarf, in fact, since they're especially rare, as evidenced by the recent holiday.

Once I had made my decision, I jumped over to the official forums to see if there were any guilds actively recruiting low-level characters for roleplay. For awhile, I perused the posts, but I was about to go away empty-handed. All of the guilds were only recruiting for raids, and I knew that it would be a very long time before I was ready for that. Then, just as I was thinking of giving up and checking other venues, a post showed up asking for "Roleplay on ED? Anyone?" I jumped to the post, reading through the responses. Most were saying it was within a guild (yeah, no kidding, that's why I wanted to find one) and not out in the world, though a few events happened now and again. Then, lo and behold, an answer that caught my eye.

A very lovely night elf pointed the original poster to a website for a guild by the name of Kingship of the East, explaining that it was the finest RP guild he had ever had the pleasure of playing with. Jackpot! I immediately visited the site and looked through all their lovely information. It turns out they are a heavy RP guild, but welcoming to newcomers, and would love to welcome me when I reached the 40th season of adventuring. Perfect. :D Getting to 40 shouldn't be an issue at all, especially since I was actually very familiar with the starter quests for humans, which is where I intended to begin, even as a dwarf.

Thus, Seona was born. Seona Lightstone, a dwarf of Stormwind. Her father was a scholarly warrior who followed Lothar and the then young Varian Wrynn back to their homeland when the Alliance was forged. He died during the second war, leaving her an orphan, with the church of Stormwind caring for her, rather than the orphanage. She became a priestess of the Light, only to cast aside her robes and choose armor and a hammer over a quiter life in an abbey. She believes all knowledge is worth having, that the Light guides her on her path, and that those who wish to do harm to the weak or the innocent deserve to feel the chastising burn of the Light's wrath. She bears no love for the Horde, who took her only surviving parent from her, and feels a deep gratitude to the people of Stormwind, particularly the priests of the church, for giving her a home and safe haven. Becuase most of her growing up happened among humans, she sometimes feels a little out of place amongst dwarves, but that doesn't mean she can't hold her ale! Now that she's begun her training as a warrior of the Light, she plans to strengthen ties with the dwarves of Ironforge again, and learn more about her homeland, without forgetting her adopted people.

Yeah, that's a start, and only a start. :) I intend to clean her story up a bit, maybe get a few more details hammered out, and really fix her up nicely. I'm still not sold on the whole, "scholarly/warrior father who dragged his only child to a foriegn land...) She's already gotten some roleplay clothes and such, thanks to the starter quests and the Noblegarden holiday (elegant dress, tuxedo, and a couple of nice shirts) so I'll be prepared with a few items when the time comes to roleplay with others.

I've even ran into a couple members of the Kingship already, though I haven't introduced myself, yet. Shyness, perhaps, keeps me from doing so, but now that I'm getting her closer and closer to level 40, I'm going to keep a lookout for a few more of them.

Which reminds me, with 3.1 I chose not to update any of my RP addons... guess that's next on my list! So, wish me and my newest project luck on our foray into Azeroth and beyond!

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