Thursday, June 18, 2009

A First War

Seona has experienced a bit of RP with her initial joining of the Kingship of the East: a nice, quiet picnic at the edge of Crystal Lake in Elwynn.

Last night, she recieved her second dose... and what a dose it was. She had made her way back to the Hinterlands to attempt to further prove herself to the Wildhammer dwarves, only to get a rather frantic-sounding call from a member of the Kingship asking for all who were able to come to Stormwind at the behest of another guild.

Seona immediately called back into the stone, letting Lord Cendall know that her hammer was his to command, if it could be of use. Well, on the way back to the city, Seona was invited into a large raid and things got interesting from there. While she had no idea what was happening, she got some tidbits of conversation while joining the front lines in Stormwind around the Stockades. The Horde had infiltrated Stormwind and were breaking one of the prisoners out!

Long story short, they managed to escape and the group did a full on chase and scouting through the Eastern Kingdoms to hunt them down, leading to Kalimdor and the very gates of Orgrimmar. That's where Seona and the raid got their asses handed to them. They were a more or less full raid of 40, nearly all level 80 (though a few 70's were mixed in, along with Seona and a young rogue from the Kingship rolling 43 and 30), but they appeared to outnumber the Alliance 3 to 1, at least. The Horde, led by the guild Nyx, easily pushed the group back through Durotar into the Barrens, where they had to retreat yet again, some through a portal to Theramore, but most into Ashenvale. Unsucessful, morale was low and the warriors were beat down and tired. Cendall saluted those of the Kingship that had answered the call, and relieved Seona of duty, where she promptly used her 'stone to return to the Hinterlands.

Luckily, the dwarves there gave her a bed and some bandages.

Seriously? That was HELLA FUN! We lost. Oh, how we lost, and I never stood a chance. Honestly, the best I could do was buff with Kings and try to stomp some totems before I was singled out and one-shotted. I did more corpse running than fighting. But, you know, I stood proudly side by side with members from my guild and wore their colors, fought with honor, and did some roleplay. It was fun, engaging, and I got to participate in something bigger than myself. All in all, I'd say I'm having more fun now than I ever did before in this game, and I'm not even level 80, yet.

Can't freaking wait for the next time I log on. :D

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