Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Midsummer: Experiences

Seona ding'd 45 last night. 95% of her activitiy involved the Midsummer festival. I imagine that the entire festival (if she could do it all, which she can't) would net her 5+ levels. That would really be spectacular, meaning I could skip straight to the plaguelands, my ultimate old-world goal for leveling.

To get her there, there are two daily quests she can complete, each giving some experience and coin: torch tossing and torch juggling. On top of that, there are plenty of fires to visit, both to honor the flames and desecrate them (each giving experience, coin and blossoms). It will be an excelent reason to travel the world a bit and get flight points. In fact, I did some running about in Kalimdor last night, getting Seona some of the flight points in the Night Elven lands, including in Feralas. She's actually resting in the Inn inside Teldrassil as that was the last fire she got to before Caliburn nearly collapsed from exhaustion. Poor beast carried her all over last night.

Speaking of, I desperately want 3.2 to hit. Caliburn will get an upgrade (he's the warhorse, in case you're confused as all h3ll), and Seona might just get a second mount for less important occasions. Heck, at the rate I'm going, I may get to 60 before it hits... which may not actually be a bad idea. I didn't really think about this, but wouldn't it be cool to do the questline for the Epic mount right before it changes? The major drawback to this is, of course, the cost... I'll have to think about it. I mean, it matters for blood elves, because they get the training, the mount, AND a tabard that they can't get any other way. Dwarves just get the traning/mount, and it's way cheaper come 3.2.

Heh. On second thought, maybe she won't get to the quest. Spending that much gold for a mount seems silly now, with the changes coming. The lore is amazing, yes, and it has nice experience gain, but I'd rather push forward with basic questing in order to hit Outland/Northrend/80 as soon as possible. I mean, participating in more guild events is important to me, and that's something that level 80 will bring, I think. The festival will give me the levels, but I'll need to get more efficient at traveling to the fires. Hopefully I'll get a level a day. Outlands, here I come!!

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