Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New Recruit

Seona Lightstone is officially a Recruit of the Kingship of the East. Pledged to her new king, she will do all she can to uphold the honor of her new guild in all matters, great and small.

It's quite exciting. I never thought roleplay would be this much fun. I mean, I doubt I'll be grabbing up the new D&D handbook anytime soon, but "acting" my character is fun. Seona was able to speak with the queen and king of the Kingship over a wonderful picnic by Crystal Lake in Elwynn forest surrounded by other members of the guild. While it was a touch overwhelming, especially since it was a very large group, nearly all at level 80, and all of them experienced roleplayers, it gave me a real taste of what this group is all about.

I definitely got the impression that there was a larger storyarc going on underneath everything, which is just cool. I mean, here you have a group of people (the guild has over 200 toons, to give perspective),creating a story within the larger story of the game. WoW will neverget old for them, because they write their own adventures, act out their own stories within the larger world. It's really quite amazing.

There's still a ton I have to learn, though. They use emotes in a really unique way, for example, nearly all of them custom (not hard, but not something I'm used to). They understand the lore far better than I do, I believe, and they really do have some major story arc going on that I'm not yet fully aware of, not to mention too low of a level to participate in. Thankfully, they definitely have various events that occur often, like the picnic I was able to witness and participate in (I even got some fishing in!), so I'll get a chance to hone my RP skills before I hit level cap.

This is going to be a whole new ballgame... and I'm oh, so ready to play. :D

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