Monday, June 15, 2009

Scheduling: Two Mains

Whenever you meet someone and say, "World of Warcraft? Oh, yes, I play" the next question is always, "What's your main?"

Yrovi is, of course, my main, seeing as she's the only toon I have at level cap and the one I (used to) play the most. My goal, though, is to actually have two "mains", one Horde and one Alliance. I think that for all this time, I've really only been using half of the game I play so often, and pay $15 a month for.

So, how do I honestly say, yes, I have two mains, and yes, I play them both about the same? I pretty much have to schedule time. Throughout the week, I'll play Yrovi and Seona on alternating days. Really, it's the only solution right now. Hopefully, with about 2-3 hours of play time in the evenings, I can get a level out of Seona every night I log in to her. Yrovi will continue plugging away at her goals, mostly rep grinds. Weekends are free-for-all, where alts come out to play and I can work extra on Seona.

In fact, just this weekend, I knocked out another three levels on the little lady dwarf pally, so she's finally over level 40. This means that at some point this next week, I'll be hoping to sit for that interview with Kristyl of the Kingship. I'll need to flesh out some backstory before then and really figure out Seona's character for the interview, but that's not hard. She's my character, after all.

I've also given one of my alts on ED a bit better backstory: Leodry, the soldier.
His full name is Leodry Emmerich (which means "work or labor", something a warrior/blacksmith knows all about) and he's definitely not a huge fan of humanity anymore after witnessing the destruction of Strathome as a knight's squire, where he promptly deserted the army. Still, he's returned to the front lines and is working his way through the dwarven lands, desperately hoping he won't run into any old soldiers who might remember him from his younger days. He's adorable, really. :D

With Seona fleshed out, and hopefully joining a guild soon (Actually, I hope to catch Her Majesty this evening for our little interview, which hopefully goes well. I'll make a quick reference card for Seona, I think.), and well on her way to level 50+, things are looking up. Keeping her rested is helpful, too, but it's not always easy to do as I level quickly. Oh, and those mount changes are going to be amazing for my alts and for collecting mounts. Can't wait!

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