Monday, June 1, 2009

Yrovi Says Hi

Managed to jump on WoW this weekend for a few hours, including my recently ignored main. Yrovi worked on some Argent Tourney stuff, then tried to hop over to Outlands to fly to Shadowmoon valley and see those Netherwing dragons. Unfortunately, she didn't actually get that far. I was interrupted on the way, having to stop in Terrokar, so that was a little unfortunate.

Still, she's on her way, so when I log on her again, I'll head to Shadowmoon to do more undercover work. I figure I have a week's worth of dailies to still do to get exalted. I may try to do the cannon questline in order to speed it up a touch, but the mats needed are a pain the behind to get, I think. We'll see. I need those dragons for the 50 mount achievement (bought the white skeletal warhorse from the Argent Tourney, so I think I still need 19 more... it's sexy). I need to speed it up anyway, seeing as patch 3.2 is going to expand the tourney again. I'm always falling behind with this stuff.

Forgot just how much gold I have thanks to dailies on Yrovi. I've been playing on ED, which has more or less been a complete re-roll for me, trying to figure out the market and such, and it's shocking to realize I have around 2k gold available, suddenly. I've also been trying to get enough materials to craft a sweet tanking gun using my neutered profession, as it's something I could really use for stats and such. Too bad the mats are crazy expensive or I'd farm more in order to sell the guns for profit. It'll require a farming run in Wintergrasp for eternals, though, soon. I need water and air (15 of each, damn) for the gun. I have the titanium (10 bars needed) thanks to a good price on the AH, as well as the saronite (easy to farm, had tons of that, needed 20 bars), and just need to snag a frozen orb (either from a heroic run or from the AH). The final part is a vendor item, so that'll be that.

I'll get a nice, big Stamina gem for the gun once it's done (would love a Stormjewel, but too expensive and I'm not that lucky). I've got to increase my health pool somehow, as I'm still terribly lacking in that department. I'm also tempted to buy the Troll axe from the tournament as an upgrade to my current one. The Red Sword is obviously better, but that relies on a drop and one from a Heroic I don't think I'm ready for, seeing as I haven't run any 5-man content in awhile. I practically need to start over again and run the basic heroics for badges and such before I do anything else. Something like Utgarde Keep and the Nexus, easy stuff to get back in the groove, with nice, easy badges. There are still plenty of upgrades in these instances, too, when it comes to drops, especially if I want to flesh out my off-set, as it's comprised of mostly quest stuff atm. At least the Sen'jin axe would look freaking sweet. ;-)

I think I even have the tokens for it, even with my mount purchase. If I don't I will in a couple days of work, no problem. One day, if I manage to get a group for the [Threat From Above] quest. The one good thing about taking a long break from Yrovi is that the Tourney quests are still interesting and fun. They were getting stale earlier.

Seona also leveled and is sitting at 37, nearly 38, in Theramore. Keeping her rested, I think I'll make 40 by the weekend. Hopefully then I can take an hour or so to speak with the recruiter and make my way into my dream guild. :) All my other toons are taking a break till this happens, I think, aside from Opalandra. She also leveled this weekend. I think bouncing between these toons will keep the two leveling ones rested well enough to make their journey short and sweet. Also, short quests I can complete in the morning before work? Yes, please, give more.

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