Monday, June 22, 2009

Midsummer: Time to Play With Fire

The Midsummer Fire Festival has arrived yet again in Azeroth. Fires blaze up all over the world, each faction paying homage to the fire spirits. The Horde and Alliance each visit their own faction's fires... and desecrate the fires of the opposite faction. One of the longer holidays of the year, this will run through July 5th, giving both my mains plenty to do.

In fact, Yrovi will finally get dusted off again after about two weeks of inactivity. Her motivations are purely for the achievement. She still needs all the Outland fires and Northrend ones, of course, along with several other items she wasn't able to get to last year due to being under-level. When she completes them all, she'll be one Meta-achievement closer to the mega-meta.

Seona, on the other hand, will no doubt approach this holiday very differently. For one, this is a major holiday, so no doubt there will be truckloads of roleplay to participate in. Secondly, this holiday is pretty much run exclusively through quests. Quests = experience, so that makes me a happy panda. In fact, the pacifist has already said that he's gained about four levels already and he hasn't completed everything, yet. He's in his mid-fifties. With Seona only in the Forties, this means she might make level 50+ with this holiday alone. That would make me jump for all kinds of joy, especially since leveling has been slower lately. As an added bonus, I can dance at the ribbon pole for the Ribbon Dance buff, giving me 10% extra experience!

I'm trying to keep to certain areas, mainly the Eastern Kingdoms, and plan to take Seona to the plaguelands ASAP, since the Argent Dawn is there, and it's a leveling Paladin's paradise. It's been difficult getting there, though, due to a sudden lack of quests (well, aside from Booty Bay... ugh.) I had hoped the Hinterlands would offer more, but no luck there. It seems I've run through quite a lot of the quests there, maybe all of the ones Alliance-only (I know there is a robot chicken escort quest out there, but I can't find the stupid chicken...).

If the holiday delivers, though, I'll be able to blaze past the next few levels. Seona is currently at level 44. With only six levels to go until 50, I think I can actually make it to Outland by the end of the holiday. That would be amazing. The next major patch will bring lots of increased leveling tricks with it as well. At this rate, Seona will be in Northrend in no time at all.

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