Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Will Bring Me Back

Holy. Crap. o.O

Huge change posted by the floating skull of doom on the general forums. This is what I get for stepping away for a bit and not paying attention to the forums.

So, mounts are going to be revamped yet again to allow quicker travel at lower levels. Exciting stuff here, for sure. This means I actually have several alts that could get mounts when this goes live instead of much later. That could make a huge difference in how fast I level these toons. A very tiny part of me is crying, outraged that they'd make it so easy for the newcomers and super-causuals (conviently fogetting that I'm one of them) and demanding a refund, but I beat it back into its dark corner and go back to cheering for all my alts.

Regular land mounts are to be trained at level 20 and even cheaper. Epic land mounts are trainable at 40. Now wait, now wait! 40? Really? Jeebus, that's huge. Does this mean my epic Paladin mount for Seona is a quick learn at 40 for about 60 gold? This is mind-boggling. Flight is now learned at 60, and epic at 70, as usual. Crazy, truly crazy.

I definitely didn't expect this change, especially out of nowhere like this. It feels like something in from left field, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Of course, this doesn't come around until the next major content patch (3.2), so there's still time before it goes into effect, but this is a really big change.

With that patch, many of my toons will be eligible for mounts:
Purah, my death knight, will be able to get flying. I might even get him the skele-chicken all DKs can get. Untainted and Mål are a stone's throw away from 40, meaning they'd be able to get epic ground mounts. I have at least 5-6 toons in the mid-20's and they'd all be eligible for regular training... the gold I'm going to need!!! Oh, man!

What I've just noticed, though, is that this means no low-level toons will be getting exalted with a second faction before hitting the appropriate level for training. You're stuck with your faction's mounts. Interesting. I know quite a few Belfs, for example, that despise the "cocks colored like rainbows," to quote Nyhm. Still, I'm not going to complain. This is huge.

Yrovi will be farming a bit to earn extra gold. Most of those 20-somethings are on Gul'dan and might actually get me to play those toons. I haven't played my warlock in awhile... and now I'll have a whole new reason to push to 40 on Seona. Wow. There's work to do.

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