Thursday, June 25, 2009

Midsummer: Be Kind, Rewind

So the Midsummer Festival has been reset, allowing Seona to go back and visit all the fires she had before for a second time... getting the blossoms, coin, and experience all over again!

This is great news, as it means she'll be able to level a little more than before. Of course, due to time constraints, she didn't exactly hit a whole lot of the fires to start with, but still, this is nice. Also, those two dailies are still available, and they give really good experience as well, around 5500 experience for each of them. That's pretty amazing at level 45.

Unfortunately, Yrovi hasn't come out to play at all lately, but I'm not giving up on her, yet. There's still the meta-achievement to take care of, as this is more or less when she started last year with events, so she won't even have to do everything again. Just desecrate a few fires, steal some Alliance flames, and take care of Ahune... nothing major, right? ;)

The more Seona runs around on Caliburn, though, the more I desperately wish 3.2 were live. The regular mounts are so slow! I occasionally pop onto Ziir (my banker DK) and his mount is so speedy, especially with the pale horse talent, that going back to Seona's warhorse is agonizingly slow. If 3.2 were here, she'd already be on her charger, and it is really difficult to run around knowing that. I should be grateful, of course, that this isn't vanilla WoW and that the option will be here soon enough, but I'm impatient today. :p

All-in-all, this holiday couldn't have come at a better time for Seona. She'll speed through the rest of her 40's and by the end of the holiday, you'll probably find her in the plaguelands, kicking dead-dude butt in the name of the Light and Argent Dawn. She'll have gotten nearly all of the old-world flight points, plenty of coin for training and such, and new clothes (if all goes well, of course).

P.S. Turns out that battle Seona participated in last week was part of a huge storyline from Al'shar lo Dor'ano, another RP guild. They had a prisoner in the Stockade and the Horde had come in order to free him again, porting back to Silvermoon. In our zeal, we retaliated by taking out Grom'gol and then boarding the Zepplin to Orgrimmar. Cool, huh? I'll have to find out more and see when other events are occuring. I'd like to see how this plays out.

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