Friday, March 6, 2009

Cat Durid Is 4 Fite! (Or RetLOL)

I'm thinking of dusting off my druid, Xyno. She's currently sitting in the Barrens, I think, at level 22. I think leveling as Feral is fun, and it would be a DPS class that I could respec as a healer later. As per Alamo, "Cat Durid is 4 Fite!"

I'm probably going to work towards this build:

My other option for leveling as DPS to potentially change to a healer would be a Paladin. I have one created already named Mål. He's a possiblity as well, as I love my warrior and the paladin also wears plate and such, so it may be more familiar. Also, getting a cheaper mount(s) is a nice bonus. He's a miner and jewelcrafter by trade, which might also be interesting, as I've never leveled a jewelcrafter before. I would follow the RetLOL guide, as I have no idea how Retribution pallies work.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm abandoning Yrovi. I still haven't run any heriocs. I'm planning to run Heroic Utgarde Keep this weekend for the first time. It will be my first Heroic ever. :D I'm excited.

I'm also seriously looking at ways to make more gold as well. I'm really tired of having only basic flying skill in Northrend, especially while doing my dailies. The way I do them now, they take forever to do. I've tried to be more efficient by making a huge round of Northrend, taking care of each daily in a zone before moving on. Since the main point is for reputation, I don't mind doing the ones that take a lot of time (Aces High! I'm looking at you here... ProTip: Don't die. If you die on a platform way up there, you have to eat a Spirit Healer Rez complete with Rez Sickness and gear repairs). If I were doing it for just the gold I would weed out the dailies that take ages in favor of the ones that are quick and easy. Still, I'm currently sitting at just over 2000G. I've estimated that it would take me about a month of dailies to make the needed 5000G. That's doing them every day. I don't know about you, but when doing my round of dailies takes upwards of 3 and a half hours to complete, doing them every day seems like too much to ask.

My dailies in my rotation now: All 3 Kalu'ak dailies, all 3 Wyrmrest Accord Dailies, 1 Argent Crusade daily, all 3 Frenzyheart dailies

I'll switch to the Oracles when I get my epic flight skill. 'Till then, I'm a happy Frenzyheart. I never thought those little were-bear-coons would grow on me. ;-)

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