Friday, March 13, 2009

Epic Purples

Yrovi got two new purples yesterday and this morning, plus a new companion pet.

She's now exalted with the Kalu'ak (finally!) and was able to purchase the epic fishing rod and a new friend, Pengu the penguin. He's very cute and evil looking with those red eyes. The rod is nice, with a +30 to fishing skill as well as underwater breathing while equipped. Plus, you know, it's a purple. Hopefully I'll get my fishing and cooking skill leveled up to Northrend levels soon enough. It takes time, though. Right now, it takes something like 10 fish to get one skill point. That's a lot of fish, and a lot of time to take. I'll do it, though, for the gold. Fishing can be very lucrative. Right now I'm fishing in the Barrens, for example, for Deviate fish. It's a pity I don't have the recipe to cook them, as they are worth even more that way, but I sell a stack of 20 deviate fish for about 17-20 Gold on my server right now, so it's not bad. I figure I have to level the skill anyway, why not make some gold while I'm at it?

The other purple came from completing the exploration achievement for Northrend. I was mailed a very brown tabard as soon as I finished it. Pity it isn't more interesting looking, as I'd love to have an epic tabard on all the time, but it doesn't really match my armor. ;)

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