Thursday, March 5, 2009

Glyphs and Mik Do a Warrior Good

How on earth did I function before Mik's Scrolling Battle Text? This Add-on is freaking awesome. :D It lets me know everything that is going on. I think the only other thing I need now is a way to easily see my rage and health in the center of my screen and I may never need to look anywhere else but the center of the screen ever again. Maybe Satrina's Digits (from TankSpot).

I've also glyphed up recently, and I'm noticing a definite difference in how quickly and efficiently I can take down mobs now. I'm running with:
This combination is pretty sweet, I find. My major glyphs allow me to keep the bonus from Blocking up nearly 100% of the time, thanks to all my Sword-and-Board procs, and I've macroed Revenge and Heroic Strike together so that I don't really have to think about it. Of course, that being said, there is the occasional mix up with the macro, where it will attempt to que the Heroic Strike right as my auto attack happens or before the buff is actually applied. Still, it's working well so far and I've noticed the increase in DPS. I'm using PowerAuras to help me know what buffs/debuffs I've got on me at any given time, but it isn't perfect as you have to set everything up yourself, manually. Still, it's helpful. The Cleave glyph hasn't gotten a workout, yet, but I'm planning on running some instances this weekend, so it should get some use then.

I've already noticed the change to Charge. It feels like I can be miles away from a mob and still run right for it at top speed. Very fun, but I'll need to keep a better eye out for other players so I don't accidently tag a mob they are obviously going for. I find it frustrating when someone does it to me, so I attempt not to do it to others. Since CC isn't really used anymore in instances, I feel like the change to Thunder Clap will be beneficial, especially in fights like Violet Hold and such. We'll see how it works. I didn't use Bloodrage very often before, simply because I thought of better ways to gain some rage (Charge?), but now I can get some before a fight, maybe for buffing up party-mates. In terms of the other minors that are available to Warriors, this was my best bet after the other two I have.

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