Monday, March 9, 2009

Sin'dorei: Mål the Blood Knight Initiate

I ended up going with the paladin.

Mål turned out to be tons of fun to level. Self healing, with heavy armor, and fun lore behind him. What more can you ask for? I spent the weekend leveling him and exploring the mechanics of a Retadin.

He was sitting at level 11 when I first logged on to him. He was in Fairbreeze Village, happy as a lark, with full rested experience. I blew through the quests, taking care of the spire, and the trolls, looking at the pretty chocobos (that I won't get for him) and ran off to the Ghostlands. He doesn't have rested experience now, but leveling still seems pretty fast.

Let me start by saying that I love the Ghostlands. In fact, one reason why I may have so many darn Blood Elves is because I adore their starting area and quests. It's a great story, and Tranquillien is a pretty cool town, with the Sin'dorei and the Forsaken working together. The quests explain that the Blood Elves of Silvermoon are having a hard time convincing the Horde to let them join the club. You see, how can they help the Horde, when they are having problems dealing with a Scourge problem on their very doorstep? Dar'Kahn Drathir is an undead Blood Elf who leads the Scourge out of Deatholm, in the Ghostlands. The Farstriders and the people of Tranquillien are fighting the Scourge and trying to take Deatholm down. And you are needed.

As a Paladin, it was especially fun. Most of the mobs are undead, which means Exorcism is a huge boon (once you get it, of course). I really felt like I was helping out, more than any other time I've done these quests (and this is the 5th time I've done them). The only drawback was that most of the area was deserted by other players, which meant that certain quests were harder to do. A lovely Orc Warrior helped me take down Knucklerot and Luzran, so thanks to you. I soloed the rest.

Yep. I soloed everything else, including the final quest, the Traitor's Destruction. Dar'Kahn Drathir himself. I buffed up with what I had, and went after him. He killed me once, fearing me into some mobs that had respawned, but I learned from it and tried again. It was a thrilling battle. :D I temporarily switched to sword and board for the fight to use the quest sword to take him down a bit faster right at the start, used a health pot, my jewelcrafting healing statues, and my own healing, of course. I used the Tranquillien rep sword for my earlier leveling, but since I managed to take him down, even with his fears, I got a gorgeous sword that fits my look perfectly and a chance to visit Undercity and Orgrimmar and gain us full membership into the Horde (yeah, I know, lorelol). I felt like I had truly accomplished something, both for my character, and for my faction.

The Paladin quest chains are fantastic as well. I've done one and a half already, and am working on the next part of the second one. The first major one, at level 12, tests you against a surprise attack to see if you are ready to become a true Blood Knight initiate. You go to a cave in the Ghostlands, light a pyre, and fight another Adept, killing him. When you return, you discover the source of the Blood Knight's power. They had captured a Naaru, draining it by force, but had lost it when they were attacked. They now attempt to make up for the transgression. You are able to siphon some power that is left in the jailors and ressurect the Adept who had fallen to your blade earlier. You get the Redemption spell at the end. It's cool. :D

The second Trial deals again with your fighting prowess, this time against 4 different opponents. They come at you one after the other with no break. It was fun to do as well, but simpler in my mind. Unfortunately I had trained fully before doing this quest. The reward was supposed to be the Sense Undead ability, but I had it from training. It's too bad that Blizzard decided to do that.
Finishing that opened up the next step, which is the start of becoming an Adept and earning the Blood Knight weapon: A blood-tempered ranseur (nice looking polearm!). There are 4 rare items I have to collect. I have one already and only have to get the other three. They require some travel and some minor dungeon-diving, specifically Ragefire Chasm under Orgrimmar and Shadowfang Keep. No problem for me, I love both those instances, and I think if I'm careful I can solo my way through Ragefire. Shadowfang Keep happens to be my favorite Instance (so far, anyway) so as long as I don't have a terribad PuG, it will be fun.

Well, wish my little Light-wielding Retadin some luck, as I'll be messing about with getting those supplies for the Pally Polearm and questing some more today.

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