Thursday, March 26, 2009

I've Walked This Path Before

But never with such ease. I've been revisiting my alts again, specifically Mål, the Blood Knight Adept (pally). It's almost nice to be in the old world again, seeing things I've already done and having such an easy time of it. Honestly, leveling as a protection specc'd warrior was masochistic. Naturally it's far easier to do so now, with the improvements to the way prot. warriors work, but I think if I were to do it all over again, I'd go arms till at least level 40, or even 60.

Mål is doing well. He's currently running errands in Ashenvale until he finds his way back to Tarren Mill to eventually take out a few wanted men, dwarves, and Ogres, as well as find a captured Orc. He recently sent a letter to his lady benefactor along with quite a bit of copper in order to commission a deadly blunderbuss for a very difficult Goblin. Once Lady Ambassador Yrovi sends the gun back (along with a certain gold loan payback), Mål will head off to Booty Bay to pick up some supplies needed by the Lumber Mill in Ashenvale. His travel is easy and the work pays well.

Still, there are drawbacks. As vain as Mål is, he almost wishes that the helm and cape weren't the only things you could hide. His gear is so mis-matched at this point, that it's comical. He recently recieved a very nice bair of blue, chainmail hot pants from a lovely orc on the coast. They clash with his purple chest-piece, though, not to mention his golden boots. Clown-suit aside, he mows down anything in his path with ease, so I can't complain. Plus, the faster he gets to level, the faster he gets to Outland, then Northrend, where the armor is more inclined to match. Mål was supposed to level quickly in order to learn the nice art of healing, but the more he progresses, the less inclined he becomes to wanting to go holy. DPS is just too fun and we already have a couple of paladins in the guild, specifically one excellent Holy pally that "heals like Jesus." lol ;-)

So it looks like my druid may end up being my healer after all... Xyno is still sitting at about level 20, though, so I'm not sure when that's going to happen. I could also go with my twink-in-progress, a level 19 Shaman. I haven't sunk that much gold into her, and leveling would go very well until I replaced my mostly blue gear. In fact, her "twinking" was entirely on accident due to having a very successful free run-through of the Wailing caverns where I nearly got the entire set (stupid belt didn't drop). Resto shamans are excellent healers as well, although the Druid HoT spells (plus the always-adorable tree form) are a godsend. Still, it would be a healer that is a little less popular (at least in my guild and server) and it's not like she's that helpful at that level bracket anyway, although her Purge really knocks the wind out of a few Alliance sails, let me tell you.

Or maybe I don't actually need a healer right now. Maybe I just need to focus on one or two toons rather than constantly trying to balance all my alts. It's not like they're going anywhere. The only reason why I bounce around on them all the time is to accrue extra rested experience. I wonder how long it takes me to fully burn through 100% rested experience? How many alts would I need to play in order to cycle through all my rested XP? Maybe that will be my new experiment. I'll get Mål down to 0% rested experience and park him in the nearest inn or city. Then I'll move to another alt and burn through the full rested XP and park them. Then on to third alt, etc. until Mål is back to 100% rested where I will start it all over again. Of course, this isn't going to be perfect, since I absolutely refuse to (even temporarily) shelve my main and dearest to my heart toon.

Speaking of my dearest darling, Yrovi has been spending much of her free time in Shadowmoon Valley, Outlands. She's also thanking me every day for not rolling a male orc as a warrior because I have to be straight up honest and say they are kind of hideous. It's they way they run, and their proportions, for me. They are too top-heavy (huge freaking shoulders) and look like they are waddling. Still, I'm making very good progress undercover with those red orcs. I've only been seriously working on rep for about three days and I'm at honored. I'll proably be at revered in another 3 or 4 days, depending on how many eggs I can find. From there, it will be a week and a half to Exalted. That's the plan at any rate. In the meantime, I'll do dailies for gold and attempt to run a couple of heroics. Yrovi really needs the badges for a new necklace.

I've mentioned before that Yrovi planned to switch to the Oracles as soon as she had earned epic flying. Obviously she hasn't done so yet, mostly because she hasn't earned exalted status with the puppy-men (I never thought I'd get epic flight before becoming exalted). It should happen very soon (possibly today!), though, so I look forward to seeing if I can solo Altruis. I've grown quite fond of the puppy-men. I'm actually going to miss them when I go, I think. It's possible that deep down, I'm a puppy-men kind of girl and I'll go back to them. I'll just explain that my little excursion to the Oracles was for an undercover mission, to better understand my enemies. Yes, that's it. Undercover mission. The fact that I'll have 4 new pets in tow behind a rather handsome green proto-drake would have little impact on that, I'm sure. ;-)

Total side note: The title of this blog is "Dark Aegis: A Warrior's Diary." I've been thinking about my posts, about how I write them, and I'm wondering if I should start writing them from the point of view of my characters, as if this were actually their diary. I may have mentioned that I don't RP, not because I find it nerdy or geeky (well... ok... maybe a little), but because when I'm telling a story, I tend to be very selfish about it, and don't want to share the spotlight. I believe it's called "god mode" amongst RPers. So, rather than log on to a RP server and perform badly or annoy other players, I keep myself away. It's possible that I could use this blog to let some of my inner-RPer out by letting my toons speak for themselves. You know, let a little creative writing slip in. I've started a seperate blog as well for pure fan-fiction based on my characters, but that would be different. I haven't started it yet, although the skeleton of the story is in my head, even some written down. Well, regardless, if you see a new link here soon for some crazy fan-fiction blog called Ink & Blood, you'll know why.

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