Wednesday, March 4, 2009

UI and 1000 Fish

I have, over the course of the last few weeks, been working on gearing up for Heroics and Raiding. Everything is going quite well, and I'm steadily working my way to some of the best gear I can get (and the best I've ever done with any toon, period). It's all very exciting and very rewarding.

I am, however, woefully behind when it comes to upgrading my UI. I stand before you and very shamefully admit that I don't have any of the core add-ons that so very many other players (especially tanks) have. I'm probably the only level 80 tank in the world that doesn't have Omen. I mean, what tank doesn't have a threat meter?!? It's awful. So, since I'm so focused now on getting geared up, I've decided it's time to gear up my UI as well. Today I'll be downloading Omen Threat Meter, Deadly Boss Mod, Mik's Scrolling Battle Text, Quartz, and something to make my (eventual) raid UI look nice, like X-Perl or PitBull. I haven't decided on one of those yet. Grid is also on my mind, because, really, how much do I, as the tank, need to see?

I already use Bartender for my action bars and I like it a great deal. I use Outfitter for my gear-swapping needs. I'm still searching for a good bag mod (I might try Bagnon). I use SexyMap for my Mini-map modding needs. As a fan of Project Marmot and Ciderhelm's UI, I'm going to get CBH Viewport to see if I can't clean up my screen a little by adding some space above and below. We'll see. It may interfere with how TitanBar works.

I'm also going to have to really sit down and look at my action bar set up and my keybindings. I need to be able to spam Heroic Strike easily as Rage is no issue with most fights now. The way I have it now, I usually click-spam it and this should really be a no-no.

Regardless, I'm really looking forward to all these changes, as it means I'm finally seeing end-game content I never thought I'd see. :)

Oh, and as for 1000 fish... I got the achievement last night while fishing in Feralas to level up fishing and cooking together. I'm using El's Guide, and slowly trudging onward to get these professions skilled to max. Currently, Yrovi is hanging out in the Wailing Caverns catching Deviate Fish until I reach 350 or so. Unfortunately I don't have the recipie to do anything with them, but I should be able to sell the fish alone for a pretty penny. I hope, anyway. :)

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