Friday, March 27, 2009

Holy Light on Horseback and Oracles

Mål has finally earned the right to run around Azeroth on the back of a Warhorse. He'll be taking a short break from adventuring to become accustomed to his new companion and to rest up until his next deployment. Once he sets out again, he'll be returning to Tarren Mill. The Battle of Hillsbrad may be finished for him, and Varimathras gave him a very nice sword that Mål assumes is just ceremonial, seeing as his axe is far better. And although he loves his ranseur that he created, he's decided to shelve it as well, except in very special circumstances or for Blood Knight ceremonies.

Yrovi has been hard at work as well in Scholozar Basin. She has switched sides in the ongoing tribal conflicts there. Surprisingly, she was sad to leave the puppy-men, especially right after becoming so very close to them all. Poor Rejek must have been very surprised when someone he thought was a friend turned on him to help a "big-tongue." Nevertheless, she now sits in the middle of the Oracle camp in the Basin, prepared to begin working for them against the Frenzyheart tribe. It is her fervant hope that everything goes as planned and she earns very good rewards from the Oracles quickly, so she can go back to the Frenzyheart again.

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