Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Moar Facerolling?

So last weekend I ran Heroic Utgarde Keep and part of Heroic Nexus.

I've learned that you don't get to faceroll through content anymore, once you're in Heroics. What's really strange was, I didn't think I was facerolling through the regular isntances, but I was. Oh, I was so totally facerolling on e-z mode. Now I miss it, almost.

My run of Heroic Utgarde Keep didn't go very smoothly, which was partially due to me being nervous as hell, and partially due to me being a moron, and partially due to the fact that I had PuG'd it (mostly - healer was Tyra, from the guild), and PuGs are inherently evil as we all know. We had a Shaman who didn't get away from bad things, and stuff on floor and what have you, so he died often (Tyra was less than pleased about that, as she was constantly having to ressurect him). I had to remember how all the boss fights went. I also had to remember to turn the dragons so they didn't spew fire all over my group (yeah, I forgot a few times). I once was completely lost in thought or had my head up my peekoo, or something, and pulled when Tyra was afk. Apparently that was the straw that broke the Ret paladin's back (they left right after that and I can't honestly blame them; it wasn't my best, shining moment). The Shaman that was giving us issues used this time to just DC and not come back, too, which meant we were down two DPS at the same time. Luckily the warlock who was with us stuck it out and helped us summon two more DPS into the instance. They were great (a hunter and fury warrior, plus that warlock) and we finished the instance without too much issue after that (I think I only got hit with one dark smash, right at the end; I died at the exact same time that the boss did). The fury warrior then asked if any of us wanted to go along to the Nexus where he only needed to take down two more bosses. I agreed, thinking it would be a good way to see the instance, as I never had. It ended up being an interesting run.

I didn't tank. I was a prot warrior and three of the fury warrior's guild mates ran him through and let me tag along. I wasn't about to turn down the free emblems, but it was strange not being the one to get in the mobs face and smash away with my sword and board. His guildies were all terribly overgeard for the instance in Naxx gear (although I don't know if it was 10 or 25 man stuff) and we blew through it without any problems. Good tank, too, as I had stayed in Defensive stance, seeing as I had no dps gear or two-handed weapons, and hadn't changed stances in about 6 months. I wouldn't know what to do in another stance. Probably wouldn't know which end to hold on a 2-handed sword. Regardless, he held aggro, no problem, and it was fun, lighthearted, and for once I wasn't having to shoulder the responsibility of leading a group through an instance. It almost made me want to respec to DPS.

Almost. I do enjoy tanking, and I've spent way too much time gearing up to do so for my guild. I need to just suck it up and run more heroics and get used to the increased difficulty. Once I get accustomed to it, I'll have less misgivings, I think. I'm definitely leveling some other classes to the cap, though, so I can DPS in groups. It looks like fun, and since my main is a tank, I'll know not to over-aggro and steal threat. I'll be a good DPS. I promise. I won't stand in fire or black shit, and I'll watch Omen, and I'll not blame the healer or the tank when it wasn't their fault. I Pinky-swear. ;)

Speaking of leveling a DPSer... I'm using Altaholic (as I mentioned before) to cycle through my alts who have the most rested experience/least experience left for a level to "powerlevel" through content. I managed to get Purah, my Blood Death Knight to level 63 last night (from just into 61) thanks to rested experience and the fact that Death Knights are still so overpowered for Outland content. He'll probably see Northrend sooner than I thought, which is cool. I doubt I'll buy him flying until level 77. Hopefully by then Yrovi will have her epic flying skill and I'll have a bit of gold left over for other things. Mål is coming along as well (he's having no issue with gold thanks to some really lucky world blue drops; found a Sentry Cloak, which is a major twinking item, and I'm hoping it sells this weekend!), although I'm now waiting for him to rest up for another push. Untainted the Rogue is also resting again after questing a bunch in the Arathi Highlands. I've even touched on Eruza this morning, my little troll SPriest, who's been patiently waiting in the Barrens for ages. If I can get her to 20, I can continue her Enchanting training (she's sitting at 150/150 due to level cap).

All-in-all, I'm having fun which is the point. I think today, though, I'll get back to Yrovi for a bit, if for no other reason to do dailies for gold. I think I'll leave running instances for the weekends, so I won't be pressured or ever have to drop a group. I've decided I really don't like it when that happens to me, so I'll endeavor to never do it to others without really good reason.

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