Monday, March 30, 2009

Shamanistic Tendencies! Forsooth!

Being the altoholic that I am, and thinking about my more creative side lately, I've decided to roll an alt on a RP server. The Venture Co. server (RP-PvP), to be precise, as going back to a "normal" server might kill me. I've become so accustomed to a PvP server that seeing blue names on the opposite faction would confuse me. Of course, I've confused myself anyway, due to the fact that I've rolled... Alliance. *gasp*

That's right. I've rolled a Draenei Shaman by the name of Lisael. I haven't really played Shaman before (I'm not counting my little level 19 twink; I've hardly played her) and I'm looking forward to a totally new class and the questlines available to me on the other side. I'm hoping it will be unique enough to actually keep me coming back. I think I'll be playing her in the early mornings and on weekends, casually, to level her and potentially join a roleplaying guild.

I've gotten a role-play add-on to flag myself for RP and write a description of my toon and I'm hoping to run into some other role-players soon. Hopefully I don't screw it all up. ;-)

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