Monday, March 2, 2009

Tank LFG for Reg HoL

I've been running regular Hall of Lightning for the Seal of Pantheon. I think I ran it about 7 times this weekend and only saw the seal drop once, where I promptly lost the roll to a tank-specced Death Knight. He was a really good guy, though, and ran the instance with me about two more times after he had gotten the drop, but no luck for me. In all those runs, I didn't see the sword at all, so we'll just have to keep going. I desperately need that trinket. I think at least one run a day should get it for me eventually, especially if I put together groups where I'm the only tank from now on... The upside? I'm getting really familiar with this instance and can clear it relatively quickly with a decent group. If I ever run this in Heroic, I'll have the mechanics down pat.

Yrovi did reach Honored with the Wyrmrest Accord, with all that running HoL while wearing her tabard, so I got a very nice, new cloak to cheer me up. I'm hoping to get to Revered with them soon for the chest and boots. After that, it's on to working for the Argent Crusade to get the legs. Gotta love items with sockets. :)

I've also been working on Yrovi's engineering skills and have managed to get over 435. I'm so close to the goggles, I can practically see them already. I've already decided which gems I'm going to get for it, so today I'm probably going to check the AH for them and the extra mats I'll need to craft it. A great deal of help came yet again from my guildie, Tyra, while I was crafting. I swear, that Paladin is making sure I get geared if it's the last thing they do.

With all of this happening, I've managed to finally hit the uncrittable minimum for Heroics (535 defense). I'm thinking about trying heroic Utgarde Keep, but we'll see. I wouldn't feel comfortable just yet, just because I need more stamina. I've been so focused on getting uncrittable that I've really lost out on my healthpool (I'm hovering around 20200 or so, thanks to my Sonic Booster). If I'm going to seriously consider getting into Heroics, I'm going to have to increase that. I refuse to be a bad pugger and come unprepared or be a burden to my healer. says I can perform well in high-level regular instances (like HoL, for example...) so I'll stick to it for a bit longer. Maybe I'll change it up a little and try Oculus and Pinnacle, too, but not till I get that darn trinket. I desperately need it. Seriously.

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