Monday, May 11, 2009

Actually Enjoying the Alliance?

How is that possible? I mean, I've tried playing an alliance character before, several times, on several different servers. I've started in each of the different starting areas, gotten different toons to about level 20 or so, but I've never really enjoyed the quests or the other players as much as I am now. I'm giving the credit to the fact that I'm on an RP-PvP server. RP equals slightly more mature people, PvP means more fun. Although, there were some super asshats in Darkshire this weekend. Yeah, you hordies in the guild "Die Lowbies Die", y'all are jerks. Whenever I hit level 80 and see you guys you're KOS, got it? Even if I lose, I'll make sure you feel some pain. *grumble*

Yes, yes, PvP happened on a PvP server. Even Blizzard told me this, after I sent in a ticket to complain. Except that I firmly believe that ganking lowbies IS NOT PvP. PvP is a semi-balanced fight between players, for fun. Killing me, at level 25, along with any other low-level character in the area over and over and over (so that we actually have to wait to ressurect due to the timer) when you are level 80 is not PvP, it's griefing. Also, you're names were atrocious, and I hope you have to change them. It's an RP server, dudes.

I've noticed that there are still the immature members of the Alliance that I find on other servers, but they're easier to ignore here. Not sure why. Maybe it's because I've discovered, once and for all, with proof, that there are bigger, more immature members of the Horde on this server. As far as I know, there isn't a horde guild that focuses entirely on killing lowbies on Gul'dan (yeah, I'm butt-hurt about it, let me complain, I never nerd-rage) and I almost wish that I had leveled my death knight instead of making him a bank alt so I could go after them now, rather than later.

Seriously, Death Knights are the perfect banking alts. They come with decently-sized bags, a small chunck of gold after getting through the initial quests, and every flight point in old-world Azeroth, along with an epic ground mount. Plus, they look cool, and every bank alt should look cool. Mine is Ziir, so if you see a human DK in Ironforge, ghoul in tow, running back and forth between the AH and bank, you'll know he's getting stuff done for Seona.

I've also started looking at my other alts on that server, including the warrior I created, Leodry. I'm leveling him Arms, and it's a test of my patience. I don't get on him often, so he's got some rested experience, which helps, but not much. I forgot how easy it is to kill a warrior in the earlier levels. He's got blacksmithing, though, and I've skilled it up to match/exceed his current level, so the gear is actually better than what he's getting in quests. He's just made himself some armor, a new broadsword, and a thrown weapon for pulling, in fact. I've never leveled Blacksmithing. It's cool, although it takes a ton of ore, so I'm glad that both he, and Seona have mining.

Seona is now in her 28th season of training. She's helped the people of Darkshire as much as she can, and just as she had to leave Westfall behind, so too must she leave Darkshire for other places in the world. At the moment, she's moved on to the Wetlands, after being sent there to get materials from a sunken ship to take down a troublesome necromancer. Morbent Fel felt the burn of reighteous Light and fury as the young paladin attacked, removing his enchantments and shields to smite him. Once he fell, though, there was little left for her to do, so she returned to the coast, ready to aid those who live there.

She also has her eyes open for the needed items for her hammer. I'm trying very hard to stay true to lore, so Seona uses maces almost exclusively. If there is a hammer nearby, and it's better than her current one, she'll grab it up to swing in the Light's name. I think this evening will find her running about for the rest of the materials. Of the three left that she still needs (I have the lumber from VC), the hardest will be from Shadowfang Keep, of course. She fought off plenty of Worgen in Darkshire, though, so she's ready. The other two could have (and should have) been completed ages ago, but she was busy. At level 28, it should be a cake-walk.

She's even got a quest to go see someone in Southshore, in the Hillsbrad Foothills, so it'll be fun AND educational. What more can I ask for.

P.S. No, I haven't decided to give up my Forsaken ways and become a permanent Alliance. The change of pace is actually really nice, though, so Yrovi is taking a little nap. Not for long, and certainly not forever, but I need to hit level 40 on Seona. I'm at least hoping to hit level 30 for the mount to get around faster/easier thus leveling faster/easier. I plan on splitting my time between Seona and Yrovi 70/30 until Seona is in her guild, then it will probably be 50/50. Honestly, Seona is my newest "main" toon, along with Yrovi. I mean, there are only so many dailies I can do before becoming bored out of my mind. And, as much as I love my guild, we're just not raid-ready, yet. Soon.

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