Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Bears!

Yeah, so, wow!

Blizzard has finally shown a preview of the new druid skins/art they've been working on. This first installment is for Tauren druids, which might actually bring my druids out of retirement.

I have one of each, you know. Opalandra, my very first character I ever created for WoW, is a Nelf Druid on the Gilneas server. I'm tempted to move her to one of my other servers, like ED, but not yet. I mean, she's only around level 25 at the moment, it doesn't seem worth it to spend the $25. Xyno is my tauren druid on Gul'dan. She's awesome as well, and these current skins they've shown apply to her. Xyno is all black, of course, so she'd look like the one in the picture, I think.

They've mentioned that they'd love to be able to change the bear's image as you level up/get better gear (maybe through an average iLevel?) which would be very cool. Still, these are a huge improvement to the forms, since that old bear looked terribad. They should be showing the new Nelf skins later this week/next week, and then the cat forms for each after that. I've loving the changes, even if some of the die-hard druid community still isn't sure. I think a few of them were expecting something a little better, although I look at this as a nice start.

So, now I have two new alts to think about. Great! lol I'll never get anything done. ;-)

EDIT (5/28): They've updated the page to include the Nelf bears now. They look good as well. I'm excited for all those druids out there that they're finally getting some love from Blizzard. Opalandra has been resting for so long, I don't remember what her hair color is, but I think it's white, so she may be a polar bear! :D

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