Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Verigan's Fist and Nearly Mounted

Seona has her hammer, in all it's blue, 25 dps glory. Verigan's Fist isn't the best hammer ever in terms of stats for a retribution paladin, but I'll gladly take it for it's damage. I haven't gotten a chance to let her lose with it, though, thanks to maintenence this morning. She's still in Darkshire, having found a single quest line still unfinished dealing with one Mor'Ladim. It would have been completed much earlier, but those Hordies from "Die Lowbies Die" were once again in the Duskwood, killing the NPCs in town.

Seriously guys, I'm coming for you. You've been warned. You have one more enemy in this new Retribution Paladin, and she'll be swinging the Light into your faces soon enough.

Once she puts Mor'Ladim to rest, she'll move on to the Wetlands. This is exciting for the simple fact that she is now entering Kingship of the East territory. You see, the Kingship is dedicated to protecting the Wetlands and surrounding territory from the Horde, and as she passed though the area last night on her way into enemy territory to enter Shadowfang Keep she ran into a few of the Kingship's citizens. Though she was unable to stop and speak with them, she thinks that this won't be the only time she'll see them. Perhaps she'll even get to speak with them soon.

Speaking of Shadowfang Keep, I nearly had an apoplexy last night. You see, I ran my little dwarf butt all the way from the Wetlands, though Arathi Highlands, through Silverpine forest to the gateway of the Keep (which is well into enemy territory) doing my best to avoid enemies at all costs only to get an error at the gate. It was late, this was the last thing I needed for my hammer, and it's going to tell me "No, you can't enter because we can't pull up the instance."

Hell. No.

Little Seona said as much, out loud, enemies be dammed. I finally tried logging out/logging in, and that (thankfully) did the trick. Soloing the first part was acutally pretty simple, I only died once, because I'm an idiot and didn't care enough about my health bar to slow down. I easily made my way into the courtyard and to the stables where I found the hammer sitting plain as day, grabbed it up and left. Cakewalk.

Of course, I was doing this at level 28 instead of level 22 or 23, when you first get the quest, but still, nicely done on my part for being alone. I remember trying to solo SFK on Mål at this level but it was too hard (Exorcism did it for me, to be honest. Now that it works on everything, it makes killing things super easy).

So, Seona is level 29, has a nice blue hammer, and is ready for more. Wetlands will get her to 30, which gets her a mount, which will move fast thanks to Persuit of Justice, and I'll hit 40 in no time at all. Yrovi gets to come back then, hooray! Speaking of... I need to check my mail on my alts on Gul'dan before it expires. Altoholic has been harping at me. I think I'll post Seona's story about her hammer on Ink & Blood. Check it. :D

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