Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cat is 4 Fite?

Because Blizzard has started working on the art for Druids recently, specifically bears and cats, which are the two most important forms for Feral druids, I decided to jump on my young druid last night, Xyno. She's my Tauren, and yes, the forms are so desperately in need of an update, it's not funny. The cat just looks bizarre, especially when you turn or strafe.

I think that most of the talents I've chosen for her are focused more on being a cat, so I shifted and went after a few quests... and discovered that her cat form is about as durable as wet tissue paper. Honestly, I played for about an hour and died about 4 times. Very frustrating.

It's possible I'll have to redo her talents to make her more tank than dps, which saddens me a bit. Or, perhaps, it's just that she's terribly undergeared. I have gold on that server, at least, so I can purchase some glyphs and better gear for her if that's the case, but I almost wonder if it's worth it. I mean, I'm really focused on Seona and Co. right now, so what would the point be?

If I really wanted, I could fix up Opalandra and get her sent over. I actually feel guilty for leaving her to rot for so long. I mean, she was my first introduction to the game, my first toon, and she's been untouched for ages. It's possible that I jumped on her once to redo her talents and fix her gear when Wrath came out, but that's it. She deserves more love.

It's also partially an issue with the fact that I don't play my druids much, and I don't know much about them. Shapeshifting is actually a little difficult to get used to, as your actionbars keep shifting with you. Cats play like rogues, which I don't have an issue with, that's fun and fine. Bears are prot warriors, possibly the one class I know most about, so that should be good as well. As feral, I'm almost never in caster form, so it shouldn't even come up. Yet a cat is not a rogue and a bear is not a warrior. Some of the mechanics are the same, but the abilities are different (I miss my rogue's Vanish so much as a cat, for example).

Perhaps I'll get used to it if I continue to play one or the other more. I think tonight I'll check on Opal and see what she's been up to. It's possible I left her in Lakeshire, last I played her.

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